Got my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian ( to broadcast its own access point using +Adafruit Industries tutorial ( and this WiFi adapter they sell

Once that was all setup I installed XBMC using this guide (

Now I can connect to my Raspberry Pi using my Galaxy S3 and send local videos to it using +Koushik Dutta 's #AllCast  app. 

Without the need for a router.

More links that I used in one way or another (just so I don't forget)
Raspberry Pi Access Point - DHCP Server - Media Streamer

+Raspberry Pi  +Russell Holly +jwebb1975 

Huge thanks to Adafruit for their dead easy tutorial and of course Koush for the app. This is going to be pretty awesome. 

#RaspberryPi   #Raspbian   #XBMC  
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