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Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re feeling loved-up, but rhyming is lame

The beauty of Glass is that it allows us to capture important moments both big and small. It's not about technology, it’s about the people who use it. Congrats to all our betrothed Explorers in this film, and thanks for sharing your special moment.

#throughglass #valentinesday #whetheryouloveorhatevalentinesday
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Really romantic time
So amazing! I wish I would've had +Google Glass when I proposed. I popped the question in Times Square while renting a screen there! Would've been great to capture it from my POV or my fiancé's.
Happy Valentine's Day to my special lady!
Wow!! I wish i have +Google Glass to do just that... Is really romantic and really neat! I love it!! 
"but rhyming is lame" lol
nice vid
+Tarek Abuaita If you don't want to capture that moment it's fine. If you do, I think +Google Glass is the least distracting option so far. It could be even less distracting when wearing it becomes common. And the most special thing about it I think is it records that moment from first-person perspective.
Jesus christ you people and your kneeling, will you sell the goddamn thing already?
For something so limited, half of the U.S. seems to have Glass. Just release a retail version already... (Preferably for under £300 in the UK 😋)
Come on +Google Glass - I don't want to delay my wedding until you release in the UK. Only 84 days to go!!
Still can't get these retail in the US or Canada.... can you? I am SO waiting
+Claudia Wilson No, still "Explorer Edition" only.  But as I say, I hear stories every day of US football teams using it, police force trials etc.  They can't ALL be in the Explorer programme.
"...your moments of love, let Glass capture them for you?"
Ah...this is why I'm single.  I don't have Glass.  Sonofa...
I'll admit it, I teerd up a bit
+David Hay I agree. I don't know how they are getting them, but I sure do want one. I'm dying to do a photo walk with one!
seria um prazer(vale 1 glass) ainda que com as maos prescionar 2 glass lentes laterais apos um video download em notbook  e este como monitor externo ou publico admiracao apos e fechar uma das lentes no meu campo de visao
uma metalico cor daria um bom visual impressao! ou dourado metalico
Rhyming is not lame. It's just hard to do! Fun video, thank you!
So, for the four "yes" proposals over Google Glass that happened, how many "no" proposals were there?
So, these are all app developers than?
Jack B
I just got my invite, it took like 6 months... I think they'll be coming out with the retail sooner then later, they just upgraded the explorers to XE2 so they must be figuring out all of the kinks... 
How awesome!!!! Congrats to you all. 
I just added this to my list of potential ways to propose. 
It would have been nice to include a rejection, as well. You know, to have a more inclusive picture.
OK +Google Glass (see what I did there?), how does a British pauper and HUGE Google fan like me get in on the action?
Observation always changes outcome. This is known as the observer effect in quantum mechanics and can surprisingly be applied to macroscopic systems. Your glasses inevitably alter the "moment" you are trying so hard to capture, especially when someone has the giant camera glasses face when trying to propose. Google glass looks ridiculous. I am sorry.
+adfff I agree loosely with what you're saying, even that people alter behavior when they know they're being watched, but I think this may be a misrepresentation of physics.
So I've notice that China won't rest until every country & continent is 100% full of radiation.. Guess computers, laptops, tablets and phones weren't enough huh?? aka Blaze
+analher This is a very well informed comment 100% absolutely no misunderstanding of any said subject matter relevant to the aforementioned article. 
Roses are red Violets are violet and this is a toilet!
Saw the first proposal at the Glass demo events in Atlanta firsthand and successfully linked local media to the story. Was fun to witness it in person. Glass rocks!
+hotdoh sorry i didnt mean for one to misunderstand my comment as being a consequence of the observer effect. it was merely an analogy of sorts
+Google Glass This reminds me of movies where you see the memories of the person in a first person perspective.  The memories that this device will capture will be priceless to children, grandchildren, and generations to come.
All that needs to be done is to bring the Google Glass price down to people so it's reasonably affordable in this economy.
Roses are red,violets are violet ( it's a feckin fact for fuck sake!),Google is watching us,because if you download the Google app on an idevice and then if you double tap the home button,you can see all the tabs,so then go look at e home tab and its says at the top of the page "Google recording" please read this urgently his is serious try it so we can have proof ageanit the evil Google...
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