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Pandora comes to Chromecast today, so that you can listen to your favorite stations on the best speakers in your house – the TV.  Download the latest version of the Pandora app ( on your Android smartphone or tablet or iPhone (, and look for the same cast button you’re already used to.

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Now just gimme my custom url link! 
I'm just waiting for Chromecast in the UK...
As soon as you get spotify on there you've got a customer. ;-) 
It would be great if you guys released a software version of Chromecast.
Like YouTube TV but accepting any cast input.
I don't use Pandora, but I'm glad to see it! More apps on Chromecast is more better!
what is the PANDORA? An app?
If the best speakers in your home are in your TV, something is seriously wrong. Just sayin
The best speakers in the house aren't normally actually the ones in your TV, they are the ones connected to your TV via a receiver or something. That's probably harder to fit into a short sentence, though.
Excellent! Keep the updates coming. :-)
How much is slacker premium though?
+Otakar Schön my TV is connected to a sound bar and subwoofer, so yes, best sound in the house
Pandora comes to Chromecast today, so that you can listen to your favorite stations on the best speakers in your house – the TV Edit: the home theater connected to your TV. 
+Aaron Jaeger +Dee Lanier sure, I get it, just note that on the picture, there are no external speakers and soundbar is not part of a tv, its add-on
Its getting better! Now give us local / pc streaming! 
+Otakar Schön We're just being snarky because we cannot help ourselves. But really, TV speakers usually sound lousy and point away from you.
+Aaron Jaeger sure, thats what i was going for in the first place :) and i really hate the sound of my TV (still pretty above average in the sound department) compared to any other speakers or headphones in my house. 
+Google Chrome how about telling the department responsible for Google now to fix it, is broken since the last update
would be cool if you can simply use the gmail account as login instead of creating a separate pandora account! 
So, so far there is only 6 apps that can really use the Chromecast, after how many months? I stopped counting already. Also I don't use Pandora or Hulu, so I'm stuck with 4 apps for my Chromecast. I don't know what's the hold up. I heard some apps have their code ready to use the Chromecast, but Google is preventing them from publishing them yet.

Oh well, will still wait for my favorite apps to use the Chromecast, god knows how long that will take.
Pandora should implement Google+ Sign-In next.
I use Google Music exclusively but its good to see more apps support Chromecast!
Awesome. Congrats Pandora users.
+David Anicama 3 months and like 5 days... 6 apps are not that bad when they comprise majority of US internet traffic and screen time

on PC its even better as the chromecasting beta for chrome browser works pretty well for me, even with Flex running on my own NAS - so it plays local video files trough chromecast (Synology videostation) doesn tweork, shows only the UI, not the movie itself
Slacker radio for the future? and Google Play are better then both with their radio service!
So both hulu+ and Pandora for Chromecast.. Only hbo go remains? 
I love Chromecast!! You're getting closer to replacing my Roy. 
Already do and don't need a very limited functioning dongle to do it. 
It's nice to see more apps getting the Chromecast treatment, but I'm looking forward to the day when +Google drops the whitelist and lets anyone develop for it.
I might be a little more harah on the Chromecast if:

A) It wasn't $35, with not much competition with a big name or similar price point.

B) It wasn't already a billion times better than my Blu-ray player's streaming interface.

I would love to see more, but like almost everything with Google, development will take it's time. They usually end up exceeding my expectations. 
That said, Amazon Instant, please? B-) 
Never heard of Pandora before, would love to try it in Canada! Is it a premium service? 
My current TV doesn't have the HDMI output(too old:(,so I'm upgrading my TV just so I can get Chromecast 😊
Not to be a stuck in the mud but this is like the ultimate troll. A US only music streaming service for a US only product. Not your fault regarding Pandora's licensing restrictions but #justsaying

Hopefully the floodgates will be opening soon to release the full potential of Chromecast
+Ryan Groten Basic service is free and includes a few ads.  There is a premium version for a few buck that removes the ads.
Diffrent type of opereating system & its spatialitise

+Mark Stronge lets hope you are right. i got my chromecast with help of a friend and suprise, few days ago it showed its simple ui in my language instead of english so... fingers crossed
I was watch "Space 1999" on Hulu, using Chromecast.  Anyone ever notice that TV programs like this are so sharp, and TV programs from the 90's look hazy.
I have a laptop connected to my LCD TV and it can do way more than Chromecast. I honestly see the big deal! Add a wireless keyboard and mouse and you have way more functionality.
+Svein Arild Hagnæss +Grzegorz Berezowski You have various ways of pushing Chromecast audio through your best speakers.  If you have a setup that supports it (TV and AV receiver), you can use the HDMI audio return channel to push the Chomecast audio that is fed to your TV out to your AV receiver instead - no extra cables.  If your TV doesn't support HDMI audio return, it most likely has an optical Toslink output and/or analog RCA output for audio to feed out to your receiver.

Alternatively, as +Joshua Richards suggests, you can plug the Chromecast directly into an AV receiver instead of your TV.
Still waiting for the chromecast to come to Canada
Another hand-picked app that is a slap in the face to other developpers having CC ready apps for weeks...
Something I find interesting... The  Chromecast does basically the same thing a Smart TV or a Apple TV or a Roku etc. for about $30 US.  It seems extremely popular with G+ peeps.  I would have thought that most people, like as myself, would have already purchased a Smart TV or one of the other above mentioned devices being the tech geeks that we are..

I can see where the Chromecast would be pretty nice for a traveler to use in the hotel, but then again I tend to watch  content on my MAC and not even turn on the hotel TV.

It is nice to see the Chromecast getting more content on a regular basis.  The more the better!
+Robert Hagelberg Because a chromecast is cheap and very easy to use.
Your solution (I assume the connected laptop is permanent) costs about 20 times as much.
Controlling the chromecast from a phone, a tablet or a laptop is much much easier.
Is there a place that lists the various things that can be sent to my TV? I am currently using ROKU & would to compare them 
+Charlie Metcalf I think the advantage of Chromecast is the fact that with Smart TV's you never know if you are going to get a good interface. Many TV's  I have seen are clunky. Whereas when you project if from your phone or whatever the interface is superior and familiar. This really comes in handy when several people in your house are participating in throwing stuff to the TV.
Most people have more than one computer these days anyway. And, if you consider ease of use, what can be easier than a hard-wired connection to your internet and tv that you don't have to worry about wifi connection issues? You simply cut out a step of syncing your phone or tablet with your Chromecast and utilize a vastly more powerful computer to accomplish all tasks, not just a few.

that's all I want please.  K. Thnx. Bye.
sigh.....come on CC...bring on the apps that actually HBO Go, Showtime anytime, Hulu...smh
+Bill Bruner True, but I want to control with my phone / tablet.  Its a PITA to walk to my desktop in the office to start/pause/stop videos.
I do to +Charlie Metcalf

It's as if chromecast was a gift from the gods, yet we've had devices like this. And I find it hard to believe that these fellow tech nerds don't already have a device that could already do all this. I see it as an impulse buy for most people and they don't really need it.

I think it's a nice device and intriguing. But there is no reason for me to have it when I have 4 other devices under my tv that can do everything the chromecast does. I just can't justify another gadget, even at $35. 
psssst....TV speakers are the worst in your house. 
Todd C
Psst TV speakers are the best in my house!
The best speakers in my house are connected to my AV receiver. Polk Monitor 70 fronts.
We need Spotify and Songza now. G+ Photos wouldn't be bad, either.
Awesome! Now we just need to cast our personal videos and media and I'm happy! :-D 
What is the hold up on bringing Chromecast to Canada?
I find it ironic that Chrome shares this but you can't use the website on Chrome to share to the chromecast 
Greg M
meh.. another not available in Canada just like ChromeCast.
That's cool, but I already use Google music. Maybe in another three months they'll be another app?
I HATE that this is mainly a US based product..and it revolves around everything that is strictly for the US..sigh..come on already Google...the world already uses your products and services..don't deny us the good stuff!!!
Plex app plex app plex app plex app
It does not seem like it updated in the App Store at all. It says Oct 21, 2013. It is not available for iPhone, yet.
Ok nice one BUT where is Nexus5 event!!!!!!
Does this mean that the Google Cast SDK is ready to go live?
This is great news Chromecast, but seriously, local content. 
If the best speakers in your house are on the TV, you need a better setup. 
I'd love to see 8 tracks supporting Chromecast. It's more fun than Pandora. 
Hopefully +Rdio adds support soon as well! Would be great to see it up on the big screen. :)
Please bring support for Spotify! 
Headphones are the best speakers in my house. I don't wake anyone up and can listen to the expletives at 80 decibels without my child repeating them to me. I hate that I can't just plug headphones into my TV, it's why I watch everything on a laptop.
Wendy W
Hmm. Maybe there IS a reason to get a chromecast dongle now. I've been a Pandora user since it's infancy and still use it regularly.
This is great google, but you know what would be super extra special great?  Open the API!!!!  Let's go from 5 chromecast apps to 500!  Showing off the API then holding back its release is like giving the world a trick instead of a treat!
This is great. Thank you!
I can't download Pandora app on n4? why?
Excellent! Now I can get some quality music through my receiver and not have to worry about being connected with an RCA cable.
Yay! New chromecast stuff gets me really gets me excited! Now after years of listening to Pandora I finally get to use it a different way! The old way just wasn't cutting it anymore!
+Daniel Crossley
You can already buy Chromecast from the UK. I bought one from earlier this month. Cost >£35 including import taxes etc.
Works perfectly. 
Been waiting for this for awhile now.
So what? Where is Plex or HBO Go? Better yet, why can't I stream MY local content to Chromecast? I could to begin with but that feature was intentionally turned off.... why? 
Chromecast looked very promising at the beginning but is going downhill very fast. #donotrecomend
When will the Chromecast be available for purchase in the UK?  I want to buy a TV and then i want to buy one of these.
Nice to see another app added.  More Apps, Faster!!   How about casting web browsing from Chrome Tablet or phone maybe in a mirroring state?  
Best speakers in the house are on the TV? LOL You need to step it up Google :)
Strangely I cannot find the cast feature on my pandora app. I am using ipad 4, any suggestion?
+Allan Torkelson I don't have a tablet and I have no interest casting from my phone, yo. I want a cast from my laptop and have it fit full screen. The cast from browser tab only shows a skimpy rectangle that doesn't come close to filling my TV screen. And that's weak sauce, yo.
Still waiting for VUDU if you please. 
pandora dont work in iran ( law usa ). thanks for this because peoples iranian ...........
Release a development kit for Chromcast PLEASE! 4 Apps is NOT enough. Its obviously there, just release it. It doesn't seem too complicated, it just sends it a web element (and it gets a little complicated with DRM stuff)
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+Michael Murphy is that really your email? lmfao! It reminds me of email addresses from the 90s, where many a promiscuous teen would include 69 in their email address.
+Google Chrome the best speakers in my house are not connected to my TV. is there an audio chromecast equivalent in the work?  
i am in US but they are telling i am in India.
With the release of the chromecast SDK does that mean I can create apps for my own chromecast with out limits?
Add a screen saver to the pandora chromecast app!!!!!!
Plex, Plex, Plex... That is all. 
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Anybody else notice there is no Chromecast button for Pandora on the Chrome browser?
So it's not just me. I think that Pandora is the only app that does not work from the web, which is annoying. 
when will Europe get more support and apps for Chromecast?
I'm still waiting for them to fix the Chromecast so I don't have to reboot every time I try to use it. Chromecast disappears from the phone and tablet until one of the sticks is rebooted
maganda ang serbisyo sa google chrome
You might want to add a screensaver to your app.
No Thank You. Not Interested at this stage of my life. 
Please Someone Tell Me, "HOW THE HELL TO DELETE THIS!!!!!!
Open the SDK. So that the Chromecast gets more apps.
حُبُّ الحسين جنني........
Hey, +Google Chrome, any chance we'll have Chromecast out here in the UK before Christmas? It's been at the top of my list since it was announced! 
hi u know i hav completed s.4 but lookin 4 sponsorship. where can i get it from
Love Pandora can plug-in to my port in car n get MUSIC .
The Pandora iPad app is VERY confusing. The cast button is hidden underneath the volume control. Took me a long time to figure this out. 
Hopefully you were Able to do it.
ok you hate me ..leave me alone Bill M. I don't care who you like don't dunk my work....I have a right on Google
pandora no sound only pandora app starts
i hope that someday -- now that there is the addition of spotify (to google music) -- google will come out with a headless version of #chromecast  specifically for audio.  namely: instead of (or in addition to?) hdmi, it has headphone jack and/or spdif.  _and_ a clever way to control it remotely, with an app on the phone, etc.  i want to be able to play +Spotify , google music, etc right to my stereo without the need to have a tv or monitor on.

please +Google Chrome ???  :)  +Google Play 
I just get a blank cast page of Pandora any idea??
Espero que pueda disfrutar de este servicio, gracias por gran apoyo
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