Android Screencasting (only needs root)

I just got screen casting recording the device audio as well. And it works on any device running Android 4.4.1 with root. No custom ROM necessary.

I think it is possible to do a non-root solution as well, via a Helium-style-tethered privilege proxy through the shell user.
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By Screencasting, do you mean you were able to display exactly what was happening on your device (Angry Birds) on a different device (presumably a DLNA device or Chromecast) in real-time?   
Ah ok, do you know if there is any cm 4.4.1 builds for i9300 yet?
+Koushik Dutta  screencast done, allcast done, next step is mirror to pc + control the phone with mouse n keyboard
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+Koushik Dutta I have a trouble connecting my Nexus 4 with CM 11 (7 Dec. Nightly) to an Apple TV 3. The phone doesn't find the Apple TV. I've also converted "Mirror.apk" into a system app, but only screen record works. Could you help me please? Thanks so much for your fantastic work. 
OK maybe this is a stupid question what is this streaming to or what can it stream too will it work with chromecast 
I don't think it should be called screen casting. That implies it uses the chromecast. 
+Jeromie Ocampo no, "cast" does not imply chromecast. It implies the "cast" portion of "broadcast". Chromecast used the term because it was popularized with "podcast". He's capturing the screen, so it sounds correct to me.

Though I do wonder what happened to the words "record" and "capture".
Is this using the screenrecord binary, then muxing the audio into the final mp4, or is it recording the device audio in "real-time"?
I'm working on a similar thing at the moment (Rec.).
Next on my list is removing the root requirement for screenrecord, but I haven't figured out how to get adbd connected locally yet so I can run it through the shell user (RSA key problem I think when I had a brief play with it...) Any tips?
+Kavi Dhokia no, it's not using the screen record binary. it's actually realtime muxing everything. give me some credit, i wouldn't use a hack like that ;)
Can't wait to see what 4.4.1 and the future of chromecast will be
+John Burke better framerate (60fps), captures audio, captures mic.
the technique that these other apps are used are pretty flawed, and 4.4.1 opens some new doors.
+Koushik Dutta Haha, I thought that would be the case. Why take the easy way out when you can do it yourself... Good work though!
Would really appreciate some tips on proxying the screenrecord command through the shell user if you're feeling generous (and it's not secret sauce material).
Although I have a feeling this might put my app to shame once it's done.
Collab? ;)
+Jeromie Ocampo yes, I agree, but most of the people doing any kind of -casting are just recording and having someone else play back with no other production. If I took a camcorder to the fireworks and later had a showing, you'd hardly call it a video cast with out other production done to the video.
+Koushik Dutta Thanks. Others do all that except 60fps, so can't wait for that...& thee other 4.4.1 possibilities (whatever that means).
+John Burke I doubt that the others record the audio output from the device. The microphone output is certainly possible though. Link to one that does that?
Can't wait to be able to do this without a shit ton of hardware :-) awesome stuff. 
+Koushik Dutta This one that I use on my Nexus 5 records from the mic (though can't overlay audio from another source - just mic or mute)->
Personally what I do if I want to record audio from say YouTube, I max the volume so the mic picks it up (and make sure I'm in an environment that has no other background sounds, LoL). If yours can record the outputted audio without needing to that that, that's pretty awesome!
 Does this mean we can finally get an Android to Android screen mirroring apk? :)
They need this for non rooted devices
Great job +Koushik Dutta..may I ask if the mirroring function is exclusive to apple tv or does it also work on xbmc or any dlna/miracast enabled TV?
+Koushik Dutta okay your recording from every audio channel, must I say sir do I smell a spinoff app in the works 2 way phone call audio recorder. do you know how much money would be made if you made one that works right now with android 4.1.3 or any other version. I've spent easily over $150 on Playstore buying everything that supposedly would do call recording. apparently keywords two way call recorder also something that can still record despite Bluetooth enabled and I'm use. I've done tons of reviews on this stuff it's legit market and if you brought something to the table that didn't require root would be even better! but either way if you did I'd buy your version if it was promised to deliver on the full duplex all audio channel recording. Hi5 great work bud. I can't wait to get 4.4 kit Kat. oh other thing you all want free screen recording with full audio. use teamviewer Google play app connect from your PC client then on to right on any android non rooted click in menu and recOrd screen etc.. after recording is finished. it will give you tons of good options to encode to MP4 or other format you may have available on your pc! sorry just an fyi. it's of course not capable to record at 60FPS like yours bud. Hi5 you happy techie geek outs
How do I start a screen cast that's in the 12/07 build.
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a lot of you guys are confused, this is recording the screen with audio, not displaying it on a tv
Hi how do I enter my Apple TV password on the app in order for it to connect?
So how do I start the screen record on cm11 12/7?
could this work on 4.4 or are there apis and libs missing
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+David Johnson Isnt it exaclty that Dutta does but if you have android 4.4.1 you'll get the smoothnes that he shows in the video?
+Koushik Dutta I give a +1 to non root helium like implementation
Also I'm unsure what screen casting means exactly, does it mean the video is saved on the devices storage till its uploaded? Thanks
So does it work with roku? Or do you need chromecast as well (noob)
Awesome! Was wondering when someone would make an app for this, thanks a lot!
I do understand what screencasting is (even if I do think that it should have originally been coined "screenrecording"), so I want to be clear that I understand that what is being demonstrated is NOT wireless video streaming or mirroring.

I am wondering if streaming/mirroring will be possible using the same methods that enable screencasting. I know that you were working on AirPlay functionality at one point. If AirPlay could be enabled for 4.4.1+ rooted devices (or preferably Helium-style), I would be very happy.
Hey will you be merging your code to the Cyanogen Mod code base. When I built from source I still was unable to get the Screen Casting working. Also, +Nikos Tsaousis  could you guide me through how you got the Screen casting working in case you already have gotten it on your CM - or guide me to the commits that you used to get this working . I am following this thread on xda developers for Chameleon OS and it is working out badly cause my code doesn't build -
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