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Smart contact lenses

Huge congratulations to +Babak Parviz and the team. Working with insanely ambitious, smart dreamers is what makes Google so special.
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brilliant project! well done :)
Can’t wait to start dispensing them to my patients.  Lenses to monitor the most chronic disease of our day!  Great work.  #calico
"OK, contacts: change to cat eyes."
(maybe in an update?)
While this is awesome from a technological standpoint, it still gives me the heebie geebies. 
Holy Cow! Can't wait to see where this ends up...
This new announcement blows me away. I am also reminded of the CH.4 sci-fi series Black Mirror, episode 3, The Entire History of You. "In the near future, everyone has access to a memory implant that records everything they do, see and hear - a sort of DVR for the brain. You need never forget a face again... but is that always a good thing?"
Wow, great piece of "future" tech! Congrats to the GX team!
+Travis Blair Yeah, it'll be in Android v4.6 "Eye Scream", Buh Dum Dum! :-) Thank you, I'll be here all week. Remember to tip you're waitress, 45 degrees should suffice. 
How the hell would this be powered?
I'm holding out for Smart LASIK.
Hi there Mr. +Vic Gundotra interesting. I can totally dig the ambition. However, I can see a much deeper set of data that could be captured to track and assist in the diagnosis of so many other conditions that need...I dunno... Human Performance tuning? Optimization...? I wonder what something like the #dwave quantum computer would recommend given an optimization question like... How can one best live a life without negative impact to other life around? Lots of variables to define first, of course. Like what is "best for life" etc...

Interesting times ahead, indeed.
WOW that is just fantastic news, I love that Google is a constant forawrd thinking company and is always looking outside the box.
That's right, Google - do no evil, bring good. Well done!
So you wouldn't put a chip in your body but you would use it in contact lenses?!?
What's the difference +Vic Gundotra..? 
this can easily be a game changer... kudos to the Google team.. amazing 😃
Type 1 diabetic since the age of 2 sign me up for beta testing :) never known a day in my memory without finger pricks and needles
 A great representation on what a well structured Company can give back! Google devotes there entire Empire on improving our lives Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Glasses,Google driverless car +++ and lets not forget Google Search. All while being one of the Worlds most Valuable Brands.Talk about giving back! 
Mind blowing!  Amazing what human ingenuity can come up with.
Would be very fitting to have a contact lens that could potentially help save the eye from the terrible complications of diabetes. Keep up the great work!
This is amazing! I don't have diabetes but I can imagine how this can improve the lives of those who do!
Thank you on behalf of my 14 year old who has had Type 1 Diabetes for 13 years and my 11year old whose had T1D for more than 1year.  This technology will change their lives.
Hmm, this should help a brother. Thank you Google
Seriously make me smile. Living with Type 1 and myself testing 20-25 times a day is a PT job but it how i stay healthy. This is great innovation i could use! +Vic Gundotra +Babak Parviz 
Tri Do
I wonder if those people who don't want Google into their home will accept Google into their body?
+Vic Gundotra my dad passed away 7 years ago yesterday. He fought a lifelong battle with juvenile diabetes (type 1) from the age of 12. Complications from the disease ultimately took his life much sooner than anyone would ever have hoped. I would like to thank you and the and all of the other Google team members for doing such great job. A technology like this could have changed the way my dad lived his life and maybe even given him a few more years of precious life. 
In the Netherlands there are some developments with a chip in the eye and a sensor applied to glasses. This will hit the market in, probably, a few years from now.

I've read the dutch arcticle, shame on our 'journalists' who only mention high sugar levels.

Low levels are much more dangrous.

(T1 since 7)
+Claartje de Ridder their have been some advances in the last year but still needs 2 sites pump and sensor. Kinda bulky for my active life. Our FDA is 2 to 3 years behind in approvals than Europe. 
If you need some test person overseas, just let me know ;)
I tried to figure out where he is working after he left Glass team :)
+Marko Teullet +Zach Mauch I wondered the same thing: where does the power come from? I assume the device has a small capacitor, just big enough to continue the measurements without external power supply.
The big round shape reminds me of NFC and RFID chips. So in the end you might be able to quickly charge the device with your NFC enabled smartphone - but that's just a guess. :)
As both my sons (13 and 15) are having Diabetes Type 1 I exactly know how difficult it is to control Diabetes and for a child measuring the blood sugar level every 3 to 4 hours is really not easy. I really hope we'll see this technology on the market in some years.
I've calculated since i became a diabetic at age 2 that my fingers have been pricked for blood over 63000 times, yes sixty three thousand blood tests so far and climbing every day. Imagine the profit I've created for blood test strip makers, when you look at the profit diabetics make for big pharmaceutical companies you start to understand why they don't want a permanent or semi permanent fix. 
Torchwood... Someone call Captain Jack Harkness!
Can it test to distinguish between tears of sadness and tears of joy? I bet diabetics have tears of joy after learning of Google's contributions.
I'm betting if Google put 1% of their profit into finding an actual cure for Diabetes we probably wouldn't even need this :-) LCT have been doing pig cell transplants with great success so a few more years hopefully ill get the single 10 yearly injection of the pig cells (or however long they last) and be almost cured hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed
I just noticed someone asked "how this would be powered?". Google will harness the motion of your blinks like they would with waves in the ocean. They may also use the winks to power their server farms. By the way, they plan on using the lenses to read your thoughts, so be careful what you are thinking...(yes, I am kidding; maybe)
Andy K
Glass functions coming to contact lense next!
+Vic Gundotra #GoogleLens #diabetes

As a former Med-Surg RN I Applaud this effort. For many socio-economic reasons Diabetes exists in preponderance in lower economic class settings.
To make this viable to reach the masses of people it will be essential to get federal Medicare and state Medicaid along with private Ins. on board at a reimbursement rate that will make this a win-win for all.

This will be the Real Fight-If I can raise my voice to assist in any way, just ask.

May google invest more money on things like this. Solve world's problem.
Go from being a glasshole to a smarteyes.
wonder if insurance will pay for this...  I hate having to stick myself 10 times a day!
To most of you on this thread.. Please read the article before commenting. Its a glucose sensor to help diabetics not a substitute for glass its not an display.
+Vic Gundotra, its WiFi connected? But how is it powered? Does it perform 1 sample only when in the presence of a field to power it? Or does it energy harvest from body heat? Or something more obvious like the wifi aerial harvests the energy and then when it reaches suitable charge switches, pulses the measurement and sends out a measurement using the plastic of the contact lens and circuit as a capacitor to hold up power for just long enough?
Max Kit
You son of a b! I've always told people you guys secretly have Babak working on lenses and not just Glass. Way to go guys!!! :)
Max Kit
+Travis Blair In the further future, "Google, manifest cat!" and a cat appears out of foglets right in front of your eyes.
+Rob Mellor we might have read the article, and still chose to comment how we please. Thanks!
Great article, by the way.
I'm just waiting for some US company to say they have a patent on some of the tech behind this which will end up either stalling development or causing the price to go so high no diabetic would be able to afford it
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This is future, I guess.......Amazing work.
i have a bad stigmata i wonder if this will help my sight ?
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+Zach Mauch Glucose+oxygen -> Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy (C12H22O11 + 12O2 -> 12CO2 + 11H2O + Adenosine Triphosphate)  is an idea to power the thing but the battery will probably power it for now.
can you give your reaction about that? thank youuu. It can be a 30 sentences. for my project
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