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Starting today, our friends at +T-Mobile have both Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 available at locations around the US. Find one near you:

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If you don't have one yet be prepared to deny smoking crack cocaine.
how do they take these long pictures?
I love mine. Best nexus yet, and best device I've ever had.
+Greg Barrett I don't understand the comment. I have a Nexus 7 and I'm waiting for the Nexus 5. Pure Android is the way. I now have a Sony Xperia S (was a flagship when i got it early 2012) and its stuck on 4.1.2 with an unlockable bootloader, I love the designs and build quality but let's face it, software has the phone work and worthwhile. 
+Craig D. Hawkins maybe for now but later you will get no updates or few. That was how it was for my Optimus G
Is it just me or is there a ton of room in that picture off to the right? Almost as if something was shopped out. A ten inch tablet something... 
On the right?..... Like a 10?
It would be really nice to have nexus 4 kitkat though 
It's time Google got friendly with Verizon again (or vice versa). I wouldn't wish T-Mobile service on my worst enemy.
When thery are going to be avialable in México vía Play store? 
Tmobile service isn't that bad. I have been on every carrier and while tmobile isn't as good when it comes to Verizon. 30-40 bucks a month I really can't complain to much. I get service just about everywhere I go and the lte isn't too bad either. 
Where can i get a nexus5 unlocked besides the google play store?
The wait time is about 5 weeks.""""white nexus 5 32gb"""
The #Nexus5  looks pretty good, but i ended up getting a #MotoX  instead, because it is a much more reasonable size and felt much better in my hand.
It'd be great if you guys would hurry up and release kit Kat for the 7
I'm pretty sure tmobile has nothing to do with releasing Kitkat for the nexus 7. Go find another place to bitch about it.
Called my local store said they had the 7 in stock went to said local store. " sorry we do not stock that but we can order it for you" told them I could to for 50 less of the play store. And walked out. Hate being misinformed
Bring on the new Nexus 10!!
Rui Jin
Why does the price differ? 
Wow they have both?! Just so they can price gouge us? I'd rather wait than pay them.
Got the nexus 5 from the play store unlocked greatest phone I ever owned used to have s3 tired of waiting for updates same with my tablet had the Samsung 8.9 tab switched to the nexus 7 very happy with both loving kit kat
Too late, I already bought one today!
I got my T-Mobile Nexus 5 on Monday - it's SO FAST! Absolutely love it! Great services here, too. The LTE is faster than my home cable internet.
Going to check out my local +T-Mobile store tomorrow to check out the Nexus 5. 
BTW nexus 5 is sold out at the Google play store
Got my G2 and Nexus 5. Which one to use. I got 99 problems and deciding what phone to use is one.
Where the hell is KitKat for nexus 7 you bastards
O Cerna
Ok Nice, but what about Kit Kat on our Nexus! At this rate, the HTC One will get it first...
Got mine in NC today, thanks Chris and staff.
Jay R
I'm glad +T-Mobile has the Nexus 5 but I'm curious why it's priced more than Google???? Why would I buy in store rather than wait to have it shipped???
Jey Teh
When is it reaching Malaysia? Why Google play device not available through world wide? Show some love please 😭
If you don't want to buy it from T-Mobile and get it in store immediately and have it insured with your carrier, then by all means, wait the month on Google Play. By modifying my service plan, I'm getting my Nexus 5 for about $90: I paid $42 up front, and will effectively pay $2 a month (which is $17 a month, minus $15 a month in services that I saved on my modified service plan). No complaints from me, and I have my Nexus 5 in hand, delivered Monday.
Nexus 7 first generation charging time too long , how to solve second generation?
Got mine now just waiting for T-Mobile to release a WiFi calling app I can download like they have on most of there android devices... Any help with that #Google?
It's more at T mobile because it is not being subsidized by Google. 
Where's the Nexus 10?  That's what I'm waiting for.
+Justin Hendrix Not going to happen, unless T-Mobile re-writes the ROM. Wifi Calling has to be baked into the operating system, it's more than just an apk that can be installed. T-Mobile is selling a stock (locked) Nexus 5, so no bloatware, and Wifi Calling is considered "bloat."
Ya whatever. We have been hearing a lot of "starting today...." from Google lately. Hows about going back and making right on your promise that "starting today" my 2013 N7 would receive 4.4 . No? Oh, you would rather plow forward and let my update sit broken on the shelf collecting dust. Fuck you Google. Support your current customers before bragging about reaching out for more. Greedy cockbags.
So, I didn't have to order my Nexus 7 LTE online after all...but I still love it :D
when will UK shop get the nexus 5??? only available online :-(
Lee Ben
They're not your friends it's a business relationship pure and simple. #facepalm
Lee Ben
How to say a word that is same means of " 坑爹"  ?
Wish Verizon had that kind of support for Nexus devices
hope google comes up a nexus phablet around 5'7 inches soon :)
Don't get ripped off - buy the Nexus 5 directly from Google.  16GB Version on is $349.  Same at T-Mobile is $479.99
Honestly buy it from Google if you can. If you need the installment plan ., then buy from T-Mobile.

Just know it works out much cheaper to buy directly from Google.
cool stuff but .. i own a nexus 4, galaxy nexus, nexus s, nexus one .. when do i get android 4.4 on my nexus 4? moto x is getting it now .. i am still waiting .. with a nexus 4??????
Passes 20 and iam still waiting the new update on my nexus 4

Why are you late
I still have my Nexus 4... but I'm looking at Nexus 5 enviously. I keep telling myself I don't need it... but I WANT IT!
Long time user of the Nexus One, just upgraded to the Nexus 5 and the camera issues are so bad. I even RMAed and got a replacement but the issues are still there! +Nexus why are you releasing such buggy firmware? It's funny you advertise the very feature on the phone that is so broken! Please fix this issue! I clearly am not alone...
This post is about devices and carrier support, not OS versions. Quick thought/response about OS though...

My Nexus 7 (2013 LTE ver) is running 4.3.1 and it is still a great device. Google Play Services is up to date and depending on how you look at it that is perhaps more important than having the absolute latest version of Android. Further details here

Now back to the devices...
If you are thinking of getting either of these devices then using the +T-Mobile service is a great option. I've been surprised how good and widely available their LTE network is.

I started with my Nexus 7 on T-Mobile and was able to also use it as a mobile hotspot, I subsequently switched it onto AT&T to check their LTE availability in my surroundings and as soon as that AT&T SIM went into the device the settings menu for activating the mobile hotspot disappeared even though my plan allows tethering. I spent a long time on the phone to AT&T and in the end they just told me that because they do not sell the device themselves they do not support tethering on it even though the AT&T plan I have allows tethering. There are posts on XDA about a mod you can do but you have to decide if you want to go down that path. Perhaps a carrier like T-Mobile that doesn't still shackle an unlocked device is a better choice?

My Nexus 5 has been on T-Mobile since it arrived and I do not see any reason to change that. As I sit here now writing this message I have 3 bars of T-Mobile LTE service and 1 bar of AT&T LTE service.

Both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 are fantastic devices at very good price points. T-Mobile also have well priced plans with no commitments.
+Nexus +Sundar Pichai how is it with permission manager?......I had to uninstall again all the intrusive apps including Facebook. Don't you really care about our privacy?

4.4 brings nothing important to me, just a step back. You create a market gap to Tizen if there are no visible innovations.

Thanks to Samsung saving Android (60%) with innovations like multi window, IR, Miracast etc. Nexus is really boring more and more like iOS and really not flexible anymore.

I use Android every day a lot (phone, tablet) so I care about privacy and innovations every day, so I should know :)
actualizing nexus 7 2013 please
when it is to be launched in India?
Still waiting the new update on my nexus 4

I begin feeling that you won't update my device
passed 21 and it didn't reach my device yet
Why are you so late 
Now if they only had decent coverage so you could use them.
p eric
google is shit
I have received the android 4.4 on my nexus 4 thanks Google

But you were so late it reached my device after 22 day 
+Kushal Trivedi non-replaceable battery doesn't bother me, because in 2 years I'll be looking for a new phone. the audio and video codecs are fine no idea what they're talking about. non-expandable storage is a joke. get the 32GB model, you'll never need more unless you're running your software piracy ring from your phone.
Al Eyza
Anyway, what the difference of Nexus KRT with Nexus JWR. Still wondering
Finally got 4.4 KitKat update on my 2012 N7 in Canada! 
just got the kit kat 4.4 on the nexus 4, hopefully the nexus 5 hits the US in NY State soon.
Al Eyza
Sweet birthday gift KitKat for mt Nexus 4, finally
Terrible customer service order was canceled without any notification. I won't have even known if I would have not called about the pending status of my order. Really really bad. If I was buying this from Amazon the experience would have been completely different and so much better.
I just got a iPhone 5s for T-Mobile. Nexus 5 is a great price, but it's too big. Moto X looks cool, but I don't want to get burned if Google decides to slash prices. Moto G is alright, but it's a compromised phone (ugly, no 1080p video).
+yousef saber Maybe because there are millions of owners who are still waiting patiently?
Google done a great rubish as not launching 4.4 on Galaxy nexus. Its so disappointing and Google will lose its so many satisfied customers after doing this. It's galaxy nexus customers feeling so bad as Google done a step-mom act to them. Is galaxy nexus is out of nexus community although they are satisfied from won't buy nexus again. Hell 2 Google.
Stellar devices, have 'em both. TMO LTE coverage is epic awesomeness in my city :-)
Anyone use nexus 4 on straight talk?
Dear Google Nexus Team,
On Sunday, our beautiful baby girl Ariana was born and we've been home taking care of her. Today, in my wife's zeal, she attempted to do the laundry to help get the house back together and washed her Nexus 5 that we bought on the release date. Unfortunately, we didn't get insurance from T-Mobile, and we didn't know how hectic parenting would be. Therefore, I appeal to your holiday spirit to see if we might be able to replace her phone.
Happy Holidays, Andrew
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Tht $100 price drop for nexus 5 out of play store soon after MWC.
I have the nexus7. its is light weight, and gives me the memory and processor to play my favorite games. 
I have a nexus7 and sometimes the blocked bottom stop to working and I need to restart, is that usual? what is the solution?
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