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The Miracle Pianist Quinson Thomas is The TV Host of The Miracle Piano Show
The Miracle Pianist

Quinson Thomas 

Quinson didn’t know what His life would look like after He gave His life to Jesus at home while still living in his parent’s home at the age of 16, but the miracles that God did in his life for his music are unmistakable.


Hear Quinson tell his miraculous story in his own words.


"Do you know when the Spirit of the Lord came on Samson what would happen to him?

He would get strong and destroy the Philistines.. God would put his super on Samson's natural.


With me it's sort of the same thing... only that I didn't really pay attention to it that much before... (I can only really play well under the anointing)


But God did something else for me.. besides making my playing work under the anointing.

I was abroad at John's Hopkins University when God told me that what I was pursuing was not what He had for me to do.


I put up a fuss.. wanted to be like everyone else. But God won (who would have thought it, right?)


Anyhow, one day I was at the Church that I attended playing the piano.


I was there alone.. and when I'm alone I get to think and meditate on God.

and this day, I asked God to do something for me.


I remember there was a Christian Pianist on TV that played well!


The things that he was doing, I couldn't do half as well as I can now.. so I wanted to express something like what he did on the piano.. I wanted the ability to play the piano in a greater measure to serve God in a greater way..


So I sat down on the piano and asked God" God give me something like that to use, and I will serve you in a greater way and let people know that you are God." or something like that.


I don't remember if I said it in my heart or outwardly with my lips, but I asked God that.


Then I turned to the piano.. and God miraculously gave me a bumped up, exponential increase to my ability to play the piano. It was amazing!


I didn't have to work for it. He just miraculously gave it.


My Goal now is to take the miracle that He has given to me to the nations of the world and let them know that Jesus Christ is Lord."

Quinson Thomas is the Miracle Pianist
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