26 Photos - Nov 5, 2014
Photo: russell's bike with posterPhoto: Grove letter boxesPhoto: Marg mooing to cows, LinkwaterPhoto: Russell and cow, Rai ValleyPhoto: Matai river shared pathPhoto: Bofeili at Lambretta cafePhoto: 2 day team about to set outPhoto: on coast towards RichmondPhoto: Ian on Great Taste Bridge, BrightwaterPhoto: Missy and Brian on route to WakefieldPhoto: Angel plotting to stow away on Patrick's bikePhoto: Riding out of Wakefield: Diana in the leadPhoto: Mt Arthur and dovedale valleyPhoto: Memorial to Edward Eban, died of injuries sustained on the Upper Moutere cricket field, 1908, aged 27Photo: Landrovers, dovedale valleyPhoto: figure on fence, Motueka valleyPhoto: cycle clipon on Motueka BridgePhoto: Icecreams, Toad Hall, MotuekaPhoto: tyre repair to dog trailerPhoto: Boardwalk on way to KaiteriteriPhoto: MTB route to KaiteriteriPhoto: KaiteriteriPhoto: Ian heading off on 4 day tripPhoto: Patrick near riverside communityPhoto: Top of hill, Harley Rd detourPhoto: Al landing on Rabbit Island from Mapua Ferry [photo by Patrick]