22 Photos - Jun 4, 2013
Photo: Post-session pic at the Daytrotter studio. Listen to my session at http://www.daytrotter.com/#!/concert/kurt-scobie/20056499-37383658Photo: A kind reminder in the Daytrotter restroom.Photo: Began writing some new songs while on the road! Stay tuned...Photo: Confession: I ate all 12 of these on the way to Ebenezers in DC.Photo: Stopping through my hometown usually means "treats" from mom. :)Photo: Yes, shelled. Shelling these while driving would be worse than texting. #goodcallPhoto: A mini merch setup at Radio Bean in Burlington, VT.Photo: I drink about a case of this stuff a week. Red Bull is overrated.Photo: My baby sis joined me on the road. Meet Amber. She's so cool!Photo: Snow. In May. In Minneapolis. In May. In MAY!!Photo: Singin' for some books. And book-lovers. I love Midtown Scholar.Photo: House concert in Milwaukee, WI! I love house concerts. www.kurtscobie.com/houseconcertsPhoto: Little note from a little big fan.Photo: Live action Angry Birds! So creative!Photo: Launching the Angry Birds at the pigs. Tour highlight!Photo: Kurt Scobie - Professional Driver. Oh, and I play music sometimes, too.Photo: Vermont! I love you. And your crazy awesome beer selection. #craftbeerPhoto: Post show pic with Danielle Ate The Sandwich and Heather Mae. Awesome night @ Ebenezers in Washington DC.Photo: My happy place.Photo: Merch setup. www.kurtscobie.com/buyPhoto: So cool. http://www.daytrotter.com/#!/concert/kurt-scobie/20056499-37383658Photo: Illustration by Johnnie Cluney. http://www.daytrotter.com/#!/concert/kurt-scobie/20056499-37383658