366 Photos - Dec 30, 2011
Photo: Art and Xmas cards.Photo: IKEA café & restaurantPhoto: Super cute Sven.Photo: Bathroom selfie.Photo: Darling Sven, kitchen window.Photo: High Street, Southend.Photo: Olga and Katija, Christmas Day,Photo: Colourful architecture, Southend.Photo: Sasha in London, having fun!Photo: Southend seaside, a rainy evening.Photo: On my way to the bus stop.Photo: Train station with a view.Photo: Entrance.Photo: Xmas train, kind of.Photo: Creative366Project, a few more days to go!Photo: Self portrait.Photo: Alexis (left) and Sven.Photo: Lunch walk.Photo: Ice formations by Nature.Photo: Amazing winter day.Photo: Having a coffee.Photo: Cold and windy.Photo: Snow path.Photo: The gate.Photo: Ice frozen.Photo: Winter and ice.Photo: Walking.Photo: Windy and foggy.Photo: Defy the elements.Photo: Vandalorum, entrance hall.Photo: Sven 1st advent.Photo: Advent mood.Photo: Street photography.Photo: Customer centre, early morning.Photo: Calm day by the lake.Photo: Umbrella and travel centre.Photo: Aster in November, last day.Photo: Name day: Rune.Photo: Sea gulls.Photo: A nice cup of coffee, aka double espresso.Photo: Late Autumn by the lake.Photo: Christina Gustafsson & Mathias Algotsson Trio.Photo: Shades of blue.Photo: Alexis.Photo: Rektangelvägen.Photo: Calm.Photo: Yellow... and blue.Photo: Physiotherapy.Photo: Evening light.Photo: Beach in November colours.Photo: Ingrid 91.Photo: Loney Dear, aka Emil Svanängen.Photo: Munksjö bridge.Photo: Corner.Photo: Early morning sky.Photo: Sven in my lap and Alexis beside keyboard. Congratulation Sven 10 y.o!Photo: Alexis.Photo: Harbour channel.Photo: Choir rehersal.Photo: Jönköping harbour.Photo: A nice cup of coffee.Photo: Jönköping harbour.Photo: Tree, Lake Vättern.Photo: August Strindberg.Photo: Details in my home.Photo: Sven enjoying life.Photo: The light at Lake Munksjön.Photo: After rain.Photo: Lovely fruit.Photo: Jennie Abrahamson.Photo: Autumn colours during lunch.Photo: Mother thinking.Photo: A calm October day at lake Munksjön.Photo: Autumn at the railway station.Photo: People watching.Photo: People having a coffee.Photo: Colours in the lake.Photo: Travel centre.Photo: At home.Photo: Short break with snacks, Jönköping Film Festival.Photo: Movie theatre.Photo: A lovely cup of espresso macchiato with a view.Photo: Lake Vättern in October.Photo: People in escalator.Photo: Munksjö bridge.Photo: Morning light.Photo: Darling Sven.Photo: Light and autumn colours.Photo: Espresso macchiato.Photo: Morning at Lake Munksjön.Photo: Colours at Lake Vättern.Photo: Art exhibition, young artists.Photo: Choir music.Photo: The helpers.Photo: Autumn colours.Photo: Coffee Thursday lunch.Photo: Foggy morning.Photo: Lovely yellow.Photo: Rose-hip.Photo: Selfportrait, new cap!Photo: Alexis and Sven, my darlings!Photo: Morning glow.Photo: Double espresso macchiato.Photo: Rowing boat.Photo: Tree by Lake Vättern.Photo: Train and street art.Photo: Sunday walk at Bauer Bridge.Photo: Dear Alexis.Photo: Munksjö bridge.Photo: Bageriet.Photo: Västra kajen.Photo: Bauers brygga.Photo: Outdoor dinner.Photo: Mother singing.Photo: Sven.Photo: Close up - flower.Photo: Lake Vättern, Jönköping.Photo: People at coffee shop Bageriet.Photo: Beautiful Alexis.Photo: Self portrait.Photo: Green.Photo: Sven at the patio door.Photo: Last dandelion?Photo: Travel centre.Photo: Espresso macchiato.Photo: Travel centre - nice view!Photo: Gothenburg archipelago.Photo: A lovely espresso.Photo: Shoes.Photo: Strand Quartet.Photo: Alexis.Photo: Grass by the lake.Photo: Macro, flower at travel centre.Photo: Backyard and house, Sunday evening.Photo: Vittsjö.Photo: Elena creating.Photo: Aster.Photo: Coffee machine.Photo: At Bageriet.Photo: Mother.Photo: Elena.Photo: Elena picking raspberries.Photo: Alyona at Bauers Brygga.Photo: Visingsö.Photo: View on Lake Vättern, evening time.Photo: City hall.Photo: Lovely Lisa.Photo: Flower details.Photo: Persian carpet.Photo: Sven hanging in the backyard.Photo: Enjoying the sun.Photo: Espresso in the sun.Photo: Åsendammen.Photo: Pink.Photo: Backyard.Photo: Self portrait.Photo: Sven looking good!Photo: Lunch at lovely spot.Photo: Espresso in evening sun.Photo: Reflection from window.Photo: Summer daisies and poppies.Photo: My flowerbed at evening.Photo: Daisy.Photo: My big lovely Alexis.Photo: People and curves.Photo: Escalator in light.Photo: Walking.Photo: Bicycles.Photo: Coffee at Bageriet, Bauer Bridge.Photo: Mother.Photo: Sven chillin'Photo: Dandelion by the lake.Photo: Espresso in the garden.Photo: Windows in Culture house Spira.Photo: Coffee shop.Photo: Bauers Brygga.Photo: Green in my flowerbed.Photo: Alexis and I relaxing.Photo: Ducks in the harbour.Photo: Coffee with a view!Photo: Hans at Bauers Brygga.Photo: Culture House Spira.Photo: View by the beach.Photo: Lovely green.Photo: Alexis, the "little" helper.Photo: Sunday evening sky at 11 PM.Photo: Coffee in the sun.Photo: Looking out the window.Photo: Grass by Lake Vättern.Photo: Coffee shop.Photo: Mother Ingrid.Photo: Sven and Alexis hanging out in the garden.Photo: Green by the lake.Photo: Sky at home.Photo: Espresso at home.Photo: Coffee shop.Photo: Urban city.Photo: Garden food.Photo: Enjoying the garden.Photo: Storage house.Photo: Double Espresso macchiato.Photo: Window.Photo: Beach.Photo: Hanging out.Photo: Rain.Photo: Alexis love quality!Photo: Dandelion ball.Photo: Making a lovely cup of espresso.Photo: Green.Photo: Alexis investigating the neighbourhood.Photo: Dandelion.Photo: Mother.Photo: Colours.Photo: Handsome?Photo: Coffee shopPhoto: Relaxing in the warm sun.Photo: Shadow beneath the tree.Photo: Beach.Photo: Hiding.Photo: Alexis and Sven chillin'Photo: Dandelion ball.Photo: After.Photo: Field of dandelion by the beach.Photo: Talking with Elena.Photo: Dandelion by the beach.Photo: Droplets on green.Photo: Apollon and I.Photo: Dandelion.Photo: A nice cup of espresso.Photo: By the beach.Photo: Trees by the lake.Photo: Smoking hot at the coffee shop.Photo: White Anemone in green.Photo: Alexis sleepy by the computers.Photo: Dandelion.Photo: Espresso Macchiato, at Bageriet, Jönköping, Sweden.Photo: Jönköpings Big Band.Photo: Tree by the lake.Photo: At the beach.Photo: Greek salad in the sun!Photo: Moa and Hampus.Photo: Sven Jr.Photo: Espresso macchiato a sunny lunch.Photo: Early summer day beside the big lake.Photo: Hassafall at 1st of May.Photo: Coltsfoot.Photo: Blue anemone.Photo: Wood anemone.Photo: Coffee outdoor in the sun!Photo: Espresso Macchiato, small piece of dark chocolate.Photo: Wood anemone, a cluster.Photo: Construction site in centre of town.Photo: Wood anemone, 100 metres from home.Photo: In the kitchen.Photo: Alexis relaxing on my bills and listening to jazz, while yours truly editing photos of Alexis.Photo: I love green. For the curious, this is bought at IKEA some years ago.Photo: Espresso macchiato at Espresso House. Processed with Instagram.Photo: Sven looking out the kitchen window.Photo: Bridge over railway station, towards water and light.Photo: Dvortsovaya ploshchad, Alexander Column and Winter Palace.Photo: Baptism, Aleksey Shtern. Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, Vasilievsky Island, Saint Petersburg.Photo: Catherine Palace, Tsarskoe Selo / Pushkin.Photo: Moyka Channel, Saint Petersburg.Photo: Sphinx outside Academy of Art, St Isaac's Cathedral in the background.Photo: Espresso House, Jönköping.Photo: Through the glass.Photo: IKEA textile design.Photo: Trees on hill.Photo: Sudden Winter during Easter.Photo: One of my darlings: Alexis!Photo: Espresso at home.Photo: My extra ordinary clean car, after treatment by MrCAP.Photo: Tree, lake like a floor.Photo: Traces of Spring.Photo: At the Canoing club by lake Vättern.Photo: Self-portrait, dressed up.Photo: Glowing morning by the lake.Photo: Tripple(?) Macchiato espresso (I ordered a double).Photo: Bricks on old building, former Fire Station.Photo: My town, at the University Library.Photo: Spring flower.Photo: Greek salad to the left.Photo: Sven enjoying spring outdoor first time this season!Photo: IKEA advertising chairs for the garden.Photo: Another espresso at home.Photo: City waking up.Photo: Art gallery, former machine shop.Photo: Sun enhanced pattern.Photo: Kättilstorp Golf Course.Photo: Mother 90, thinking.Photo: Spring day by the harbour.Photo: Double Macchiato.Photo: Window,  house 18th Century.Photo: Ivar Los park, Stockholm.Photo: Vita bergen, Stockholm.Photo: Kayak.Photo: Sven.Photo: Car in motion.Photo: A nice cup of espresso.Photo: Self portrait.Photo: At dawn.Photo: Light and shadow.Photo: Evening twilight.Photo: Recording session.Photo: Morning by the lake.Photo: Coffee shop with view.Photo: Entrance.Photo: Old and new.Photo: Windows.Photo: Twilight.Photo: Sven.Photo: Lake.Photo: Moon / Crecent.Photo: Coffee shop Bageriet.Photo: Tree.Photo: Post espresso.Photo: Crows.Photo: Saturday casual.Photo: Harbour.Photo: Espresso making.Photo: Wind.Photo: Tree.Photo: Line.Photo: Pattern.Photo: Mother, 90, looking good!Photo: Vättern, 6th biggest lake in Europe.Photo: Espresso at home.Photo: The smallest art gallery in my hometown.Photo: Rosenberg, former camera repair shop: 1950 something until 2011.Photo: Footprints.Photo: Signs in the nature.Photo: Toys waiting...Photo: Left or right?Photo: Sections.Photo: Sunny winter day.Photo: Courthouse.Photo: Harbour.Photo: 29012012-0001Photo: Ingrid.Photo: Winter day.Photo: AbstractPhoto: Meeting the dawn.Photo: Ice and mirrorPhoto: TracesPhoto: Trails.Photo: Walking in the snow.Photo: Kitchen a Friday evening.Photo: Travel centre.Photo: Public toilet.Photo: Twins.Photo: A "monochrome" day by the lake.Photo: Espresso and dessert.Photo: Self portrait, outside my house.Photo: Moon between the trees, early morning.Photo: On the bus going home from work.Photo: Alexis, relaxing.Photo: A tree and a flock of cranes.Photo: A corner of the harbour.Photo: Mother 90, reading the headlines.Photo: Olives from Kalamata, Greece - the best!Photo: Tiny pine top, in the forest.Photo: Maybe my most beautiful espresso cup/saucer. Brand: Porsgrund, Norway.Photo: Courthouse.Photo: Mooring ringPhoto: Light from south by Lake Munksjön.Photo: Fireworks, a few minutes after midnight 2012.