59 Photos - Oct 15, 2014
Photo: PB Pack w/ 200 oz. and a whole bunch of other crap insidePhoto: They hooking up our rental camper is secretly thinking, "these guys are screws, this thing won't last more than one or two setups"....Photo: Photo: Photo: About to start.  I had been dreaming about this route for years and was internally crushed that I felt terrible (head cold) before we even started.Photo: The surreal landscape of Badwater basin.  Not easy runningPhoto: Like salt tectonics, these large plates meant total focus while runningPhoto: 6 miles into the journey, feeling like crap, but time to forge on, only 11,500' of up to the next peak...Photo: Photo: Photo: Sunrise while ascending was beautifulPhoto: Photo: Photo: Looking back towards Badwater BasinPhoto: Photo: Old friends, the amazing Bristlecone PinesPhoto: Photo: Photo: I have a deep respect for this wise old Bristlecone Pine.  I huddled near it several winters ago when I hiked to the summit in the winter.Photo: Photo: Summit of Telescope.  Note the Coyote Four Play sticker on summit registerPhoto: Photo: Looking west into the Panamint Valley oven.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Our "every 3 hr" routine check-in via satellite phonePhoto: Very happy to have found the Hummingbird SpringPhoto: Ada at the Stovepipe Wells sand dunesPhoto: Photo: Phoebe during her first experience with sand dunesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Road running down Wildrose CanyonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Clothing on after fully soaking it for a swamp-cooler effect.  This only lasted about 10 minutes in the 100F and bone-dry heat.Photo: Ben and I rolling into our emergency aid-station.  The Death in Death Valley became apparent during the last several hours.Photo: Why am I doing this again?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Recharged and ready for 10 miles of Road to Panamint ValleyPhoto: Looking towards Telescope Peak from Panamint ValleyPhoto: Phoebe's says, "what's the big deal?"Photo: Strong bonds are formed during life's hardest challenges.  I'm really happy to be doing this with Ben.Photo: Photo: Stride for Stride.  Hokas and Road, two foreign objects to mePhoto: Two trail runners pretending to be road runners?Photo: The first falls of Darwin FallsPhoto: Ben's foray into swamp-a-neeringPhoto: Surprisingly similar to a Zion canyon...Photo: Photo: They morning after our first 26 hrs portion of the adventure.  This picture captures the meaning of life for me.Photo: Life in a tent trailer isn't all badPhoto: Ready for a night ascent of Mt. WhitneyPhoto: 13,800' pass en route to Whitney