180 Photos - Sep 17, 2012
Photo: Chanel on Lake GenevaPhoto: Vineyards everywhere in CHPhoto: Big lines at YVRPhoto: Our first hotel in Baden-Baden, GermanyPhoto: Colleen and some Swiss Cows just inside the CH borderPhoto: More Swiss vineyardsPhoto: Colleen in Lausanne, CHPhoto: Geneva shorelinePhoto: Gliders were seen soaring this ridge near Solothurn CHPhoto: A view of the Solothurn ridge from HaagPhoto: Saleve Mountain from Geneva Lac LemanPhoto: Geneva shorelinePhoto: Competing Parapente School Booths in Annecy LZPhoto: Grey Day but lots of pilots anywayPhoto: Launch Info Sign on topPhoto: Metal Cross-DitchesPhoto: Hangs fly here too!Photo: Spectator areaPhoto: Lake AnnecyPhoto: Launch lineup on Annecy MontminPhoto: Take a number to launch . . . note windsock cross & downPhoto: HG LaunchPhoto: Colleen is readyPhoto: Colleen flies off Montmin in AnnecyPhoto: The funiculare vertical railway that drive up to St Hilaire LaunchPhoto: St Hilaire North LaunchPhoto: Disco Beer Garden Tent - where are "Head over Heels"?Photo: Chalets above St HilairePhoto: Nicole and Alex were at the LZ when we arrivedPhoto: The Coupe Icare tents are filling up with new dear for the show!Photo: Colleen in AnnecyPhoto: St. Hilaire Sud DecollagePhoto: St. Hilaire Sud Decollage (South Launch)Photo: Students kiting in the North Wind on top of St. HilairePhoto: French Alps in the morningPhoto: Colleen happy after a nice St. Hilaire flight & beerPhoto: The top of the "funiculaire" railwayPhoto: When Colleen flew under this waterfall she asked "why is it raining?"Photo: Halfway up the "funiculaire"Photo: The other "funiculaire" is going down as we go upPhoto: A little crowded on final today!Photo: Line up at the North LaunchPhoto: Zoom in to see the many gliders at St. Hilaire todayPhoto: Rescue chopper heading out to retrieve a downed paragliderPhoto: St. Hilaire South Launch is beneath the white Cinema TentPhoto: St Hilaire North LaunchPhoto: Awesome cliffs ahead to the south towards GrenoblePhoto: One of these Paragliders ended up in a gorge after tossing their reserve!Photo: Nice rocksPhoto: Another Ozone Swift 2 flying in close to the rocksPhoto: This rock face to the north was quite lifty but only in really closePhoto: SupAir Captains dressed for the SupAir Airline sthemePhoto: One  of the birds from Igles de LemanPhoto: One of the birds from Igles de LemanPhoto: An Andes Condor from Igles de LemanPhoto: Landing at sunset in LumbinPhoto: One  of the birds from Igles de Leman flying thru the crowdsPhoto: Teaching the kids about aviation earlyPhoto: Morning fog in St. HilairePhoto: Large crowd of spectators at the main launch at Coupe IcarePhoto: Nice weather but lame cycles to launch the Costume FliersPhoto: one of my favesPhoto: And he is off!Photo: Dragon-FlyPhoto: Alex tried on the Ozone XLite pack - 1.3 kgsPhoto: Alex in the Gin GenieLite harnessPhoto: Band in the Ozone BoothPhoto: Colleen trying on flight suits and this one fitPhoto: The Ozone XXLite is so light a few balloons can lift it!Photo: Rain in ItalyPhoto: another tunnel in Italy . . . the main highways go under the mountains so not very picturesquePhoto: Wouter and Jim at the boy's bathroom on the South LaunchPhoto: Dolomites with new snowPhoto: The official LZ in Canazei is next to our Hotel, quite by fluke as we arrived in the dark in the rain last night.Photo: The top of Col Rodella from the LZPhoto: A paraglider landing at the main Col Rodella LZPhoto: Colleen says "let's go!"Photo: The Dolomites near Col RodellaPhoto: A cluster of pilots trying to launch at Col RodellaPhoto: A gaggle forming over launch at Col RodellaPhoto: Real "slope soaring" at Col RodellaPhoto: Col RodellaPhoto: My view after a wind launch and "idiot lift" near the clouds at Col RodellaPhoto: Tight valleys and lots of wind demanded "full-bar flying"Photo: Launch at Col Rodella became obscured after I took flightPhoto: Huge Rocks all aroundPhoto: Our trip towards Italy, heavy rainPhoto: Another long tunnel under the AlpsPhoto: The Ozone Booth at Coupe IcarePhoto: Colleen hiking down to the main Launch at Col Rodella.Photo: The view south from Col RodellaPhoto: The ski hill drive up site near CanazeiPhoto: Colleen says "I am not going" after seeing a Japanese Pilot go through the washing machine on the way to the LZPhoto: The trusty Ozone Swift 2 L in the Col Rodella LZPhoto: Heading south to Bassano, we found a tram going to the top of this peakPhoto: An alpine lake partway between Canazei & BassanoPhoto: Stunning AlpsPhoto: Japanese pilots spiralling out of the rain at BassanoPhoto: The last Japanese pilot to land at Bassano today got very wet!Photo: Climbing out over Col Rodello launchPhoto: Nice clouds but it was very windy in the air over Col RodellaPhoto: Huge Dolomites just west of Col Rodella LaunchPhoto: ConcentratePhoto: A perfect startPhoto: Fun & SafetyPhoto: Zoom in to trams and routes to flyPhoto: The Hotel LZ is just above my toePhoto: Dolomites sunsetPhoto: The Dutch CrewPhoto: Our waitress in Hotel IrmaPhoto: The Austrian PG ClubPhoto: Saturday's road trip in the rain, Canazei to Nervi on the Italian Mediteranean SeaPhoto: Our hotel in Canazei was perfect, with an LZ in front!Photo: The Italian Sea Port of NerviPhoto: There is some sun out there somewhere?Photo: Looking west at NerviPhoto: We searched for this hotel for an hour, but there was no parking.Photo: Nervi shopping mall before the rainsPhoto: On top of Plato Nevosa at 1980 meters, we found a bar/restaurantPhoto: The Bar Refugio at Plata Nervosa LaunchPhoto: We accidentally found this launch while looking for a hotel in Finale LigurePhoto: The centro in Finale Ligure, ItalyPhoto: don't buy gas in Italy before heading to France where is is .50 euros lessPhoto: Gourdon FrancePhoto: Bar sur Loup near GourdonPhoto: a nice village scenePhoto: The clouds ODed soon after thisPhoto: Colleen found a beer at 1980 meters at Malonotte RefugioPhoto: Colleen longing at 1980 meterPhoto: The Refugio at the top of Malonotte Launch - 1980 metersPhoto: Gourdon Launch in the cloudsPhoto: Gourdon LZ is out there somewhere?Photo: Nice rock formations at GourdonPhoto: The main LZ and some students kitingPhoto: The in-town LZ in Le Bar-sur-Loup with  Magnum II landingPhoto: Where the Ozone Magic happens - Head Office in FrancePhoto: A highly modified Porsche, suitable for PGing- roof rack, winch, folding shovels, axe and room for 4.Photo: Lachens big launch todayPhoto: Lachens big launch todayPhoto: Lachens big launch todayPhoto: Lachens signPhoto: Zoom in to see the Ozone Test Pilots wringing out the Buzz Z4 protosPhoto: Zoom in to see the Ozone Test Pilots wringing out the Buzz Z4 protosPhoto: A rabbit hanging around the restaurant that serves "lapin" - not smartPhoto: Lachens LaunchPhoto: Lachens Launch from the LZPhoto: Table de Orontation on Lachens topPhoto: Nice Development at LachensPhoto: Ah, un biere!Photo: Veggie torte was all the restaurant had leftPhoto: Church on a hillPhoto: Saint Vincent les Forts Site SignPhoto: The town of Saint Vincent les FortsPhoto: The launch at Saint Vincent les FortsPhoto: The top-landing area at Saint Vincent les FortsPhoto: The local Gin Team thermalling out in front of Saint Vincent les FortsPhoto: Laundry day in AnnecyPhoto: The official south LZ at Saleve Les CretsPhoto: Looking up at Saleve Les Crets Launch areaPhoto: Saleve Les Crets toplanding areaPhoto: Para-waiting in +30 kph winds on Saleve Les CretsPhoto: Kiting a small speed wing at Saleve Les CretsPhoto: Looking out towards Geneva from Les CretsPhoto: Tandems landing in the Town Park in Interlaken CHPhoto: Tandems landing in the Town Park in Interlaken CHPhoto: Cows in downtown InterlakenPhoto: Cog Wheel train track in InterlakenPhoto: Cog Wheel Train letting us off near LaunchPhoto: Train Station and Barn at 1600 metersPhoto: Cog Wheel Train heading up higher elevations and more townsPhoto: Colleen hiking in to launchPhoto: Interlaken town from LaunchPhoto: Interlaken from the air at 2200 metersPhoto: Interlaken Schynige Platte Launch with more gliders pouring offPhoto: Tempting to fly up this valley but I had the car keysPhoto: Interlaken Main LZ is a retired military airstripPhoto: West Lake at InterlakenPhoto: nice clouds forming over InterlakenPhoto: A  castle on the north side of InterlakenPhoto: a little shaky on the autobahn at 170 kph, with cars passing me like I was parked!