153 Photos - Jun 8, 2015
Photo: Photo: Fig, goats cheese, red onion tartPhoto: Crab roe, salted duck and chicken egg omlettePhoto: Guanciale affumicato and eggsPhoto: Smoked eel, guanciale, ryePhoto: Hanoi style chrysanthemum mentaiko omlettePhoto: Hirst sashimiPhoto: Risotto neroPhoto: Photo: Kabayaki unagaiPhoto: Unagi dinnerPhoto: Mackerel, avocado, fiddlehead, ricePhoto: Mackerel and SoyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Crab and nduja shengjianbaoPhoto: Kung Pow Pastrami BaoPhoto: Sweet pickled herring and cukes, beetroot and yoghurtPhoto: Tea smoked scallopsPhoto: Kombujime seabassPhoto: Kombujime seabassPhoto: Seabass sashimiPhoto: Still lifePhoto: Chargrilled mackerelPhoto: Chettinad crab curryPhoto: Thai crab curryPhoto: Photo: Crab thermidorPhoto: Grilled crab miso, tempura asparagus and samphire, cutthroat teriyaki, banchanPhoto: Lobster, mango, coconut som tam, lobster mayoPhoto: Lobster curryPhoto: Photo: Lobster, cheese grits, red eye andouille lobster gravyPhoto: Lobster thermidor and saffron tagliatelle, blood orange, fig and endive saladPhoto: Dover sole with brown shrimp butter, scallop seaweed butter, baby jerseys with bottarga and Sorrento lemon, asparagus and carrots in orange butterPhoto: Salmon, potato, carrot, grapefruit hollandaisePhoto: Gnocchi in the makingPhoto: Gnocchi with moliterno al turtufoPhoto: Duck egg tagliatelle with moliternoPhoto: Bucatini alla puttanescaPhoto: Nduja pastaPhoto: Pigeon, carrot, quinoaPhoto: Photo: Yin yang hotpotPhoto: Photo: Crab Roe DumplingsPhoto: ShengjianbaoPhoto: Lamb DumplingsPhoto: Photo: Duck egg ramenPhoto: Tea smoked duck, duck egg ramen, duck pho broth, soft duck egg, duck scratchings and stuffPhoto: Twice as nicePhoto: Beef dandanmian collagePhoto: Nduja kimchi noodlesPhoto: Crab bottarga noodlesPhoto: Prawn, crab, salted pork summer rollsPhoto: Photo: Fish sauce chicken wingsPhoto: Nasi lemak and fixinsPhoto: Chicken and vegPhoto: 海南雞飯, 金沙龍蝦, 龍蝦豉汁蛏子, 魚香茄子, 臘肉芥蘭Photo: Pad ka-prao kungPhoto: Pad krapao sataw mooPhoto: Pad ChaPhoto: ScallopPhoto: Coal roasted with nam jim jaewPhoto: Golden sand soft shell crab, scallops, green mangoPhoto: Duck mussamanPhoto: Cha Ca KingfishPhoto: Ca KhoPhoto: Pad cha pla sabPhoto: Photo: Brown Spotted GaroupaPhoto: Photo: Salted egg garoupa, Thai aubergine saladPhoto: Photo: Larb pedPhoto: Betel leaf banana blossom snacksPhoto: Khao Soi NeuaPhoto: Beef cheek massaman, som tam, choi sumPhoto: Red curry of chargrilled duck with crispy basil,
Green mango saladPhoto: Smoked duck breast in sour red curry sauce with grachai, som tam and tong ho 茼蒿Photo: Ca kho, green mango salad, beef cheek rendang, choi sumPhoto: Red curry of pork and green peppercorn | smokey aubergines and duck egg with xo sauce | som tam | RICE Photo: Photo: Sausage coilPhoto: LinkingPhoto: Thai sausagePhoto: TofuPhoto: 麻婆豆腐Photo: Photo: 芋頭扣肉Photo: Photo: 海味海南雞飯, 通菜炒臘肉 special seafood chicken rice and some water spinach stir fried wth Chinese baconPhoto: Smoked eelsPhoto: Claypot rice, hairy crabs, gai lanPhoto: Osso bucco, maftoulPhoto: 6 week aged local Hereford beefPhoto: with bone marrow and crispy chimichurriPhoto: Galician Blonde and Basque Cider House steaksPhoto: Photo: Txuleta with romescoPhoto: Photo: Rubia gallega ribPhoto: Photo: Beef cheek pastramiPhoto: Photo: Grouse, corn, grits, carrots and abalone mushroomsPhoto: Photo: Tamworth porkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Champion ribsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Salted miso caramel butterPhoto: Lime buttercreamPhoto: Ispahan macaronsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Vicky spongePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hiro Itou GyutuoPhoto: Smoked pork chop, duck scratchings, kale, Brummie saucePhoto: Family portraitPhoto: Photo: BonitoPhoto: Photo: Bonito mealPhoto: Tostadas, mackerel ceviche, guacamole Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: