37 Photos - Jun 25, 2012
Photo: We headed to Walmart to buy some treats for a birthday celebration. We were going to have a tropical theme and enjoy TCBY frozen yogurt in cones.Photo: We needed to get cones for our frozen yogurt. I like waffle cones but I got the cones for kids with flat bottoms.Photo: Lucas couldn't wait to try these cones.Photo: I got some vanilla wafers from the cookie aisle.Photo: I looked at the sprinkles but I had a bunch at home so I didn't buy any.Photo: The TCBY frozen yogurt is in the freezer aisle with the ice cream and other frozen treats.Photo: I liked the sign on the glass door because it made it hard to miss the TCBY.Photo: The TCBY frozen yogurt had about half of this case.Photo: The ones that have sticks that the kids can hold are my favorite for them because they are easy to grab as we are heading to the backyard.Photo: TCBY has many delicious flavors.Photo: The shelves were a bit messy and the four flavors in cartons were mixed up on the shelves.Photo: Here's what was next to the TCBY.Photo: On the other side were the popsicles. It would have made more sense to have the frozen yogurt by the ice cream in my opinion.Photo: These fudge bars are really good and the ice cream sandwiches have crunchy wafers like they were just freshly prepared.Photo: My favorite TCBY flavor is the English Toffee!Photo: There weren't many other frozen yogurts being sold at Walmart.Photo: There were only two other frozen yogurts at Walmart. This one was Ben & Jerry's.Photo: Healthy Choice also had a flavor that looked good but was a little too expensive for the small containers (in my opinion).Photo: Lots of freezers full of frozen treats!Photo: Keeping with the tropical theme, I chose this orange dreamsicle shell. Goes great with vanilla bean frozen yogurt!Photo: Lucas was loving this shopping trip because it included lots of sweets, including a mini-cake!Photo: I looked in the candy aisle because I had heard that they made tropical smarties but no luck.Photo: I did buy the last bag of Smarties on the shelf though.Photo: To drink I got tropical v8 splash.Photo: I thought this waffle crisps might be good with frozen yogurt.Photo: I picked up some vanilla flavored candiquick coating to dip the cones into.Photo: I thought about buying white chips instead but decided that the other product seemed much easier to use and came in it's own microwavable container.Photo: I looked at canned fruit and thought about mixing it in to the frozen yogurt.Photo: I bought sliced mango but wasn't sure if I would use it.Photo: Every birthday celebration needs a candle!Photo: We bought 3 different TCBY treats.Photo: I also bought a bunch of other groceries to make our party a success!Photo: I set everything out on the table.Photo: Lots of toppings that would be perfect for frozen yogurt.Photo: Candy coated cones, spoons, and waffle bowls.Photo: Our TCBY frozen yogurt tropical party was lots of fun!Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and TCBY #CBias #SocialFabric #TCBYGrocery