212 Photos - Nov 17, 2011
Photo: Craig's Lightboard shirt comes with:  -Mini-whiteboard for strategy on the go -Whiteboard marker -Whiteboard marker holder -Whiteboard cloth  Oh...and it lights up too!  See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi_RqsEhSSQ&feature=youtu.bePhoto: Pessioptimists...pfft!Photo: Alex with her mid-day Cup-O-Goo and PoloPhoto: Dr. Hoo!!Photo: Maths geeks will love this one...Photo: Wearing a Facebook shirt on Google+... we're surprised the internet hasn't crashedPhoto: How topical... it's raining todayPhoto: Cowabunga dude - gotta love 90's surf brand shirts! This shirt would be the entire package if it were hypercolour as well!Photo: Brijen makes his 'Geek Shirt' debutPhoto: Alex shows off the spoils of her annual leave...Photo: The original twitterPhoto: Has there ever existed a better game? No. The answer is no.Photo: Taking a classic to a new levelPhoto: Kriss Kross'll make ya...Photo: Holly and her awesome Arrested Development geek shirt! +10Photo: We've been conditioned to +1 this shirtPhoto: "A hunter from the darkest wild... makes you feel just like a child."Photo: Erin's shirt supports Flash...Photo: Piyush kicking it in classic geek shirt style.Photo: Pauly had to drive his Delorean into work today for this shot! Please give him a +1 for effort!Photo: Craig showing off his latest 'London themed' Geek shirt...Photo: Pauly's shirt (Threeboard Moon) is a diabolic mash up of internet memes including the famous keyboard cat:  http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/keyboard-cat  and Three Wolf Moon  http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/three-wolf-moon  The 'Geek Factor' on this one is unfortunately lost on many due to the esoteric nature of this unholy beast!Photo: ResourcefulPhoto: Llew in the Captain's Quarters.Photo: The hungry hungry MatterpillarPhoto: Steve Jobs returns...Photo: Sports geek?Photo: This shirt ensures high SERP visibilityPhoto: 3 popped collar cool? Heading out to golf in our sexy Reload polos #geekgolffriday?Photo: Hetal shows off her Facebook shirtPhoto: Seems easy to follow...Photo: Jona splitsPhoto: Thinking differentlyPhoto: Ashish shows off his latest shirtPhoto: Holly captchas her inner geekPhoto: Fail whale!Photo: Iain's getting better at understanding Australia with the help of shirts like thesePhoto: Jay's all a twitterPhoto: Our US contingent :)Photo: Richa celebrates a recent office prize: this one of a kind, money can't buy, genuine Reload Media t-shirt! Jealous? I know you are...Photo: More BTTF Gold!Photo: Photo: Photo: Mr. LiteralPhoto: "The real name has 37 syllables, but I just call it... unobtanium."Photo: He also has a hat with <head> tags on it and Google Analytics code embroided on the inside...Photo: Tyson has the right attitude...Photo: The classic "Yes this is dog" meme makes an appearancePhoto: New guy Vikas makes his Geek Shirt debutPhoto: Kinjal nails itPhoto: The Digital Guru Mr BassiPhoto: Sad paperclipsPhoto: Sunshine perhaps?Photo: Ahh quidditch...Photo: One of Kara's last Geek Shirts. We'll miss you K-Bomb!Photo: Oh no you didn't!Photo: The official Reload polo...Photo: Only designers will get thisPhoto: Onya StrawbzPhoto: Give this guy a soapbox!Photo: Gizmo!Photo: Geek Shirt FridaysPhoto: Tweet shirt Piyush!Photo: The new guy (Tyson) displays his interpretation of Alice in WonderlandPhoto: Lauren's a poet, and she knows itPhoto: Nilesh also makes his first Geek Shirt entryPhoto: Pauly and the 80's goes together like Mario and LuigiPhoto: Mary makes her Geek Shirt debutPhoto: But +5 intelligence so it balances out...Photo: *BawsPhoto: Our friends over at BCM sent this one through. Gold!Photo: The new guy - Matty - shows off his geeky side!Photo: Llew returns to Geek Shirt FridaysPhoto: Solo... Han SoloPhoto: Jona with another classicPhoto: Photo: Piyush! Where's your 'Circle me on G+' shirt? Good luck getting +1's on this platform!Photo: The Ultimate Geek ShirtPhoto: Palak supports brand ReloadPhoto: Defining the whole conceptPhoto: Matt from Allianz shows of his Geek Shirt. Want to know what he set the record for? Check it out here: http://www.urlesque.com/2011/03/08/worlds-longest-high-five-urdb-feat-of-the-week/Photo: Holly makes her Geek Shirt debutPhoto: Yuor mnid is stlil albe to raed it claelry...Photo: Mary, our American import, thought we said Greek Shirt Friday. Oh well, it still works!Photo: Mary shows off her latest Geek ShirtPhoto: Piyush has the answersPhoto: Holly strickes again with Geek Shirt GoldPhoto: Mary the Mail Chimp (that's actually got a good ring to it)Photo: Geek Shirt FridaysPhoto: Piyush breaks the rules of the internetPhoto: On his day off, Reload's Olympic Ambassador Ryan Napoleon gets in on the Geek shirt Friday action...Photo: Don't you just hate it when that happens?Photo: Jay's entry this weekPhoto: Photo: Rick - SEO'er by day...Photo: Piyush's shirt ranks #1 in our heartsPhoto: An apple a day keeps the doctor away...Photo: Reload GeekynessPhoto: Piyush shows off his geek shirt outside the Ahmedabad officePhoto: Vikas shows off his latest Geek shirtPhoto: In the Star WarsPhoto: A new take on a classicPhoto: Juxtaposition of the month.Photo: Jay gets in on this week's geek shirt bonanzaPhoto: Photo: Cara can make anything happen!Photo: Tim's pecs ruined the jokePhoto: Craig's geeky souvenir from LondonPhoto: The ewoks need a homePhoto: That's not true, advertising is awesomePhoto: Tim and his muppets.Photo: Amy's Geek Shirt Debut! Supporting our London office.Photo: Everything's better with bacon!Photo: Jay Reload's his attirePhoto: Pacman crossingPhoto: Puns...Puns everywherePhoto: Cara is our most "hands-on" worker..Photo: Our resident copywriter laments...Photo: "Sweep the leg"Photo: Newman!Photo: Mary's calendarPhoto: Photo: Tweetledee!Photo: Geeky, retro, space invaders... Is there a better combination?Photo: I phone, you tubePhoto: TrainsPhoto: Geek Shirt FridaysPhoto: 2 for 1 discounts are getting out of handPhoto: Winning is the only optionPhoto: Our fearless leader jumps in on the geek shirt action!Photo: A new kind of fantasy footballPhoto: Sorry Google - we had to do it!Photo: The shirt is onPhoto: Brij gets his naughty Santa!Photo: Chris going Yahoo in cognito!Photo: +1?Photo: So good. No caption needed.Photo: The beginning... (last weeks Geek shirt))Photo: If you get this right away, +1! You deserve it!Photo: Photo: Photo: Where we're going, we don't need the force.Photo: And how!Photo: Turtle EducationPhoto: Llew's $2 geek shirt from IndiaPhoto: Send your +1s Iain's way - he was the only one to wear a Geek shirt in today!Photo: Little Miss Sunshine in Snowy London!Photo: Craig pointing to the location of the Reload London officePhoto: The juxtaposition of two global internet giantsPhoto: Pauly doin' that thing he does.Photo: Paul J shows his geek coloursPhoto: This shirt so wins this week!Photo: Angry Birds!!!!Photo: Nat Geddes becomes an honourary Geek Shirt Friday member during a boardroom meeting today!Photo: Go the Goog!Photo: Rhys didn't even realise it was Geek Shirt today. Check out his sweet Mo Bro shirt!Photo: Piyush talks SEOPhoto: Erin's latest Geek shirt entryPhoto: Damien from Signet shows off his Geek shirt entryPhoto: Richard from Signet reckons 'Weird Fish' is the new Ben Sherman...Photo: Geek shirt Friday's lone soldier this week!Photo: There are two sides to every pencilPhoto: Poor Internet Explorer.. never had a chance!Photo: #pinkyandthebrain #goldPhoto: Erin showing off her stash trash!Photo: NoobtubePhoto: "There's no such thing as a Bronosaurus!" - Matt , Last Week.Photo: We've seen this one on Pauly before but it looks much better on Richa!Photo: Classic SomervillePhoto: Guess who didn't get up early on Thursday for Apple's big announcement?!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Aren't we all?Photo: Craig's always here to inspire...Photo: Extra points for anyone who quotes the movie in a comment!Photo: Photo: All the way from America. Any music geeks in the audience?Photo: Mr Goldston makes an appearance from home today! We think he deserves extra points for being so dedicated.Photo: Jona... forever the optimist!Photo: We wonder what Piyush's fiancé has to say about this... ;)Photo: 01001100 01001111 01001100 00100001Photo: Piyush claims king of geek shirts this week by immortalising our Penguin Vs Panda infographic! Check out the inspiration here: http://www.reloadmedia.com.au/searchstrategy/google/whats-the-difference-between-google-penguin-and-google-panda/Photo: No comment Kate! Oh wait...this in itself is a comment. #descriptionfailPhoto: 1.21 Gigawatts!Photo: Jona is less than impressed with Mary's geek shirt this week!Photo: And how!Photo: #nailedit again Piyush. LOL!Photo: That damn dog!Photo: Iain reppin' his home country!Photo: Why did PAC-MAN cross the road...?Photo: Piyush looking *dashing*!Photo: We see what you've done there Calvert. Nice!Photo: Cara, the head of our UK operation, gets into the geek shirt spirit on her last day in Australia! We'll miss you Cara!Photo: Oh Sammy...Photo: Holly wearing her UQ colours with pridePhoto: Woah woah woah...geek hat Friday? Ok, just this once!Photo: Pauly + ReloadPhoto: And the internet gains one more cat!Photo: Julian gets in on the geek shirt action!Photo: Jona in his Sunday best.Photo: Piyush continues his tradition of awesome geek shirts into the new year!Photo: Whoever gets this reference wins 1000 music festival trivia points.Photo: Photo: Photo: Mary and Erin from our quality content team showing off their portal corner!Photo: Cara from Brisbane Marketing shows off her Geek shirt!Photo: Piyush with his motivational geekery!Photo: Sammy, Reload's Personal Exercise Physiologist from www.bodytrack.com.au, proves to us that jocks can be geeks too! ;) Love it Sammy!Photo: A great model to live by Kat!!Photo: Photo: