38 Photos - Jul 22, 2011
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This tunnel leads from the main entrance to the labs.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lab building under construction.Photo: Photo: Desk space for scientists.Photo: Photo: Faculty parking.Photo: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Jurassic Park. I mean, OIST.Photo: Photo: Bench space with a view.Photo: Photo: Photo: Fly room!Photo: Teaching lab for DNC students.Photo: Photo: Cilia outside the EM core! Represent!Photo: Photo: Awesome zebrafish facility.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fun times in the shrimp hatchery room.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Students pose on the quad.Photo: Photo: Photo: These posters were everywhere. Unsettling...Photo: Let's make up captions for this Japanese hazard sign. "Caution: mouse may poop on your Pop Tart."Photo: Hallway lined with monitors...Photo: Cool wall texture.