29 Photos - Jul 18, 2011
Photo: Tokyo's Narita Airport. They also saved electricity by not turning on the A/C...Photo: Naha Airport in Okinawa.Photo: Lions guard the baggage claim at Naha Airport.Photo: Mysterious signage about purple sweet potatoes...Photo: View from my room at OIST Seaside House.Photo: Third floor hallway at OIST Seaside House.Photo: Walking down to breakfast.Photo: My awesome Japanese shower.Photo: Computerized bidet functions, from L to R: "bottom," "mild," "for ladies," "DRY." There's also "the nozzle moving (on/off)" and "extra deodorizing." And you can choose HIGH or LOW water pressure. Ah, Japanese engineering...Photo: The shower lets you set the exact water temperature.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Breakfast in japan: bread, carrot and burdock salad, potato salad, salad salad.Photo: More breakfast: White rice, pickles, jam, marmalade, pancakes.Photo: Miso soup and minestrone for breakfast.Photo: The seminar room at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (Seaside House).Photo: More breakfast: Fruit, careal, and yogurt.Photo: The beach down the hill from our dormitory.Photo: Walking down to the beach.Photo: I do not knowwhat this is.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Looking up at our dorm from the beach.Photo: Photo: First day in Okinawa!Photo: Okinawa sunset!