140 Photos - Jul 2, 2010
Photo: First Day in China: Elephant Hill in GuilinPhoto: Stairs to Elephant HillPhoto: View of Guilin from Elelphant HillPhoto: Lanterns hanging from all the treesPhoto: UP!Photo: Ancient Sun and Moon Pagodas built in 1999ADPhoto: Karst Mountains off Wanfu LuPhoto: I might have been the first Westerner to walk to this townPhoto: Walking through the village, everyone was shocked to see mePhoto: Walking back to GuilinPhoto: Bridge over Rongu LakePhoto: Rongu LakePhoto: Photo: The saddest lady selling the happiest thingsPhoto: Waterfall Hotel (yes it's water)Photo: Lights along the Li RiverPhoto: Back Side of Waterfall HotelPhoto: Pagodas at nightPhoto: Future postcard seller at Longhi Rice TerracesPhoto: mmm baconPhoto: They have the lifePhoto: Quite possibly might be the largest houses in ChinaPhoto: No caption necessary...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Start of the Li River tourPhoto: Hello Hello...you buy useless toy that has nothing to do with China or the mountians!!!Photo: On the way down to YangshuoPhoto: FishermenPhoto: It's just amazing the whole wayPhoto: Photo: Photo: He was just too handsome to not put into the picturePhoto: About half the boat wanted to take pictures with mePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: He stood in the same place the whole boat ridePhoto: Photo: Water BuffaloPhoto: Theres actually a bit of trafficPhoto: YangshuoPhoto: Some CavePhoto: I shit you not, he was selling Sham Wows in the cavePhoto: Photo: Chinese Gene Simmons?Photo: View from my room at Outdoor English SchoolPhoto: Bamboo RaftsPhoto: Day trip to Xing PingPhoto: XingPing MountainsPhoto: There's usually a river here, but huge droughtPhoto: XingPing VillagePhoto: Cun...gh...goz...youz...I give upPhoto: I could live herePhoto: Photo: I could live herePhoto: Moon HillPhoto: Student IsisPhoto: Student LucyPhoto: Student AnnaPhoto: Photo: West Street at nightPhoto: Kaya BarPhoto: View from my room on a foggy nightPhoto: Mountain behind my placePhoto: Photo: Yangshuo at NightPhoto: Last dinner with Fiona in YangshuoPhoto: Photo: Photo: On the way home...this was about what our vision was likePhoto: To DaliPhoto: Mexican Villa style hostel in DaliPhoto: West gate entrance to Old DaliPhoto: The water flows all throught DaliPhoto: Chunxi Lu ChengduPhoto: East GatePhoto: Photo: Bar Area DaliPhoto: Photo: 3 PagodasPhoto: Photo: Looks authentic, but its just wallpaperPhoto: Photo: Temple 1 of 7Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hey Hey its the MonksPhoto: Photo: View from the hostel bar in KunmingPhoto: at the pirate ship clubPhoto: Our Chinese CounterpartsPhoto: They were really fun to hang out withPhoto: Im not sure if they actually knew how to dance or just moved around in circlesPhoto: Traditional Bai dancing in the parkPhoto: Parents of the year!Photo: Photo: Midget houses!Photo: Ohad and I hanging out with the guys before their showPhoto: He was our translator...very cool guyPhoto: We 'strong westerners' wrapped a metal bar around his neckPhoto: The grand finale songPhoto: After the show just hanging out with everyonePhoto: Photo: They even ended up giving us a ride home...seriouslyPhoto: Chengdu!Photo: All hail MaoPhoto: Us walking around Chunxi LuPhoto: Im not sure why I picked the statue with her back to mePhoto: Building in ChengduPhoto: Buddhist candlesPhoto: MaoPhoto: Tianfu SquarePhoto: LashenPhoto: Giant Lashen BuddhaPhoto: It is really giantPhoto: Gonna submit this to Engrish.comPhoto: Walking down to the BuddhaPhoto: It is freaking giantPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: