109 Photos - Sep 18, 2013
Photo: Roger's brother asked that we do the "Welcome Aboard" photo... well Wes, here you go!  I really thought I was smiling in this.....Photo: View from our room at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle.Photo: Dad at Pike's Market in Seattle.Photo: Some of Seattle's icons.Photo: Along Puget SoundPhoto: Mount RainierPhoto: Sunset over Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.Photo: Inside Pike Market, lonely signs glow warmly.Photo: Photo: Another view of Seattle from our room at the Grand Hyatt.  Our cruise ship can be seen if you look closely,Photo: View from the Grand Hyatt at 7th and Pine.  Different camera.Photo: Between buildings in downtown Seattle, this is a view of pier 91 from the Grand Hyatt, where our cruise ship, Golden Princess, awaits.  ms Oosterdam is the HAL ship just beyond our ship.Photo: View of Seattle from pier 91 on board Golden Princess.Photo: Snaking our way through all the twisty lines to board Golden Princess took about an hour.Photo: The Sea Witch logo is 45 years old.Photo: Still smiling!Photo: Deck 5 midship is where you'll find the International Cafe.  Dad is buying a coffee card which will provide him with unlimited brewed coffee and 15 specialty coffees (which he never used) for the length of the cruise.  The coffee syrup served in the Horizon Food Court on the Lido deck is still as awful as ever.  The International Cafe is open 24/7 on this ship.Photo: The Vineyard on deck 5 (Plaza deck).Photo: The Chocolatier on deck 5.Photo: HAL's ms Oosterdam across the terminal also cruised to Alaska where we met up several times in port.Photo: On the Lido deck you'll find Neptune's Reef and Pool, 2 inoperable hot tubs and MOTS, all open to the sky and weather.  I spent a pleasant evening watching a Monday night football game almost as if I were at the game in the cool air.  There were even some noisy Eagles fans to add to (or subtract from) the atmosphere.Photo: The Conservatory, further aft on the Lido deck, is an enclosed pool with 1 operating hot tub (at least it had bubbles in it.)  The roof appeared to be of the retractable kind but never did.  I spent several afternoons reading/napping in a lounger here.Photo: Photo: Our balcony on Westerdam will be the same as the largest one here, just above the Promenade deck on Oosterdam.Photo: One last view of the Space Needle.Photo: Crew members finishing up whatever they were doing in the Crow's Nest on the mast.  Wonder what sort of radiation dose they were receiving from 3 different radar systems?Photo: As you can see, it was a perfectly beautiful day in Seattle as we prepared to sail.  This is Neptune's Reef and Pool where the seating area is for the MOTS screen, which is casting the shadow seen at the bottom of the photo.Photo: This photo was taken from the deck 17, the highest point on the ship, Skywalker's Nightclub, the "handlebar" of the shopping cart like Golden Princess, where dad and I enjoyed a "bon voyage" drink as we sailed away.  In the foreground is ms Oosterdam and in the background is the Norwegian Pearl, all departing for Alaska!Photo: Nobly presiding over everything Seattle, including our departure, Mount Rainier appears almost cloud-like in the distance.Photo: Here's a little about Golden Princess.Photo: Typical cruiseship hallway. This is deck 12, Aloha deck portside. The carpet was fresh and stain-free.Photo: MOTS in operation. Deck attendants place nice covers over the cushions of the loungers in the evening for the movies.Photo: The Terrace Pool from the Horizon Terrace in the very aft of the ship.  This evening, our first, was foggy, damp and windy.Photo: Our cabin, 212, is an inside category IF.  While small, it was well laid out and functional for 2 guys.  I slept in the bed on the left, dad on the right.Photo: This is the closet, which was huge and worked well without the normal closet doors, a shelved unit with door (where the safe was located) and, to the right, the door to the bathroom. The bedding area is on the other side of the closet. Laid out like this, the bathroom light, which has to be turned on outside the bathroom, didn't disturb those sleeping.Photo: The shower almost had to be worn to be used. I was able to fully stand up in here; it is slightly bigger than the Norwegian Sun's shower tubes.Photo: The rest of the bathroom.  Large enough to not be an annoyance.Photo: The "shopping cart" outline of the Golden Princess is rather unique among cruise ships.  At the top in the "handle" is the Skywalker's Nightclub and Lounge.  We are in Ketchikan today.Photo: This is the Grand Princess, a class-mate and sister ship of Golden Princess.  However, during an extended drydock, her "handlebar" was cut off and she doesn't have the "shopping cart" look anymore.Photo: Also found in Ketchikan today, the ms Statendam.  Amy and I were on this ship in 2009 on an Alaskan cruise.Photo: Walking along Stedman St. near Creek St., we noticed an awful, dead fish smell.  The Salmon had run earlier and some of those who didn't make it died here, leaving behind a terrible stench.Photo: Another, camera-shy, dog.Photo: You can see many Salmon are still in the creek.  Wonder if they just die here?Photo: Photo: We figured these must be Alaskan golf shoes.Photo: We never saw any "Happy Bears".Photo: You can see how much of the road and buildings are built over the water here in Ketchikan.  No wonder this street is named "Water St."Photo: Here is the only bear and deer we saw our whole trip.Photo: Here are, from right to left, HALs ms Statendam, Grand Princess (she has no handlebar any longer!) and Silverseas Silver Shadow.Photo: The Muhses would well remember this particular ship.Photo: Lots of seaplanes here in Ketchikan keep the waterfront noisy and busy.Photo: This goes on all day long so long as cruise ships are in port.Photo: The next morning found us far up Tracy Arm Fjord.Photo: 1 of many ice pieces in the water from the glacier.Photo: Tracy Arm is full of many wonderful sights.Photo: It's amazing how many colors one can find in such a place.Photo: Our first glimpse of South Sawyer Glacier as the ship spun around.Photo: I've seen more than my fair share of glaciers but it never ceases to amaze me how blue the ice looks.Photo: We did not witness any calving sections fall into the water.  There is about 900 feet of ice below the waterline here.Photo: While it does look dirty, it really is the earth that has been picked up by the glacier and moved.Photo: Photo: Photo: A last look at South Sawyer Glacier.Photo: The famed Red Dog Saloon.Photo: Dad looks like he's freezing; my jacket just make my arm sweat from carrying it around.Photo: Inside the Red Dog Saloon.Photo: Photo: "If our food, drinks and service aren't up to your standards, please lower your standards."  We sat at the same table that Amy and I sat at in 2009.Photo: Boarding our car for our ride on the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad in Skagway.Photo: During the train ride we were allowed to stand on the platforms between the cars to take pictures.  I spent most of the ride out here while dad chilled in the car.Photo: The tracks generally follow the route that was used in 1898 to get to the gold fields in the Yukon Territory.Photo: It was a very foggy morning on our ride up.Photo: Photo: There were some steep drops along the way.Photo: Photo: There were a number of close, confined cuts along the way up.Photo: The platform and link between cars.Photo: On the other side of the valley the Klondike highway is obvious here.Photo: A maintenance area along the tracks and a maintenance man.Photo: Photo: We dropped off some hikers here.Photo: Photo: Dad staying warm inside the car.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The "Trail of '98" shows the actual trail that gold seekers trekked to the gold fields.  The Canadian authorities required each miner to carry 2000 pounds, about a year's worth of food and supplies, up into the Yukon and turned those who didn't have enough back.Photo: More of the trail.Photo: Photo: The US - Canadian frontier.Photo: Entering the "Tortured Valley".Photo: Here the clouds and fog began to break up.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fraser, Canada.Photo: Photo: Caribou Crossing, Yukon Territory is a lunch stop on our excursion.  They had a small zoo and lots of sled dogs.Photo: Goats looking for a hand-out.Photo: The sled dogs of Caribou Crossing.Photo: Photo: Getting my puppy fix.Photo: Photo: Did Erv work here too?Photo: Dad in a Conestoga.  Our Yukon Gold beers are on the table.Photo: Carcross, Yukon Territory is down the road from Caribou Crossing and is a concatonation of the same.Photo: The Klondike highway bridge over a major fault line is attached to the earth only on the left side.  This is to allow any earthquake to shake things up without tearing the bridge apart.Photo: Waiting at Seatac for our flight to LAX and our redeye to MCO, dad got some shuteye in the Sky Club Lounge.