42 Photos - Sep 23, 2012
Photo: food readyPhoto: chase catamaranPhoto: Photo: Avalon among the big onesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Luuk lost his head ;-)Photo: Photo: Solder station brocken...Photo: Photo: Steffen putting the mastPhoto: Photo: Photo: hosting the sailPhoto: Tuesdy morning, the D dayPhoto: Photo: 12:45 just releasedPhoto: Photo: Photo: reading the log filePhoto: but no interventionPhoto: Video: Photo: Photo: Photo: some big waves ~2 mVideo: Photo: Photo: second night, all okPhoto: thursday morning...borcken mastPhoto: the place where it gaves upPhoto: Photo: where the screws hold itPhoto: probably one can fix it ...Photo: with a metal plate on topVideo: Video: Still big waves and windPhoto: Avalon surfing on the wavesPhoto: thursday night, still fixing thingsPhoto: Toulon bay, Navy ships aroundPhoto: Photo: planned ~165nM, executed ~80nM in ~42h