29 Photos - Oct 15, 2012
Photo: My parent's Ecuador home in Daule.Photo: Photo: When in Daule, we would play much chess.  My Dad, my cousins, and I would play late into the night.Photo: One of Daule's rice fields.Photo: We are driving to Guayaquil to visit family.   As always, we drive through Nobol.Photo: Photo: At my cousin Ivonne's house, Justin gets to play some PS3.Photo: Cousin Guacho, husband of Ivonne.Photo: Photo: Cousin Ivonne.Photo: Us and Cousin Ivonne's children.  Their dad is in the military, can you tell?Photo: On the way back to Daule, we take a ride through downtown Guayaquil.  This is a shot of Guayaquil's boardwalk.Photo: These nice paper mache sculptures will be burned on New Year's Eve.  These are "Old Years."   The poor burn effigis of an old man representing the old year, but I guess it is more fun to buy and burn a big Mickey.Photo: I am told that fireworks will come out of that pistol.  I have no idea how much these would cost.Photo: This is big business, the shops making these things are everywhere.Photo: bHere we see an effigy that has begun to be painted.  I am amazed at the amount of work that goes into something that will be burned.Photo: Watchu lookin' at?  I'm trying to work!   ---  That's what these sculptors look like when cousin Hector honks at them so that their face can be in the picture.  He promptly went back to work when he realized it wasn't someone he knew.Photo: The newer ritzier part of Guayaquil.Photo: Gasoline is so cheap!!  This is what happens when a country drills!Photo: Photo: As we make our way back to Daule, we pass by the statue of Saint Narcisa.  It stands on the rotary at the entrance to Nobol.  We have passed it twice a day, most every day!Photo: More rice fields.Photo: translation: Under this Guayabo tree, the girl Narcisa of Jesus Martillo Moran would pray and teach catechism to the children of the Hacienda Saint Joseph where she was born in 1832.   When 20 years old she left to reside in Guayaquil until 1868.  The Virgin Mary took her to Heaven from Lima (Peru) on the 8th of December of 1869.  John Paul II beatified her in Rome on the 25th of October of 1992.Photo: We stop to pray at the Hacienda where Saint Narcisa grew up.  The location where she used to teach Catechism was turned into a shrine.  Masses are still offered on this altar.Photo: Photo: Photo: As we do on most days, we drive by the Shrine of Saint Narcissa in Nobol.Photo: Emily's pet Gecko.  She found him living in the frame of our door.Photo: