22 Photos - Oct 12, 2012
Photo: Laundry time after our Quito trip.Photo: A sea of clotheslines!Photo: Time for Sunday Mass at the local parish, which is also a shrine for pilgrimage.Photo: A black slave dared to reverently kiss the feet of Jesus.  The sacristan was a racist and dragged him out and beat him.Photo: Many others joined in the beating.  The black man cried out to the Lord and the corpus inside the church turned black in front of the parishioners.Photo: The faithful repented and now venerate "El Cristo Negro,"  (The black Christ).  Some old ladies affectionately call him, el negrito.  The little black one.Photo: Photo: A copy is made available for the faithful to venerate.  The caressing and kissing of the feet is the most popular and seemingly appropriate act.Photo: Luke wanted this picture with yet another copy of the Black Jesus.  This one is in the narthex, which is always kept open.  This copy is behind glass and available for veneration.Photo: The Mass was offered for my late grandmother on her birthday. Afterwards all got together for a Sunday family get together.Photo: The lady next to Emily is my dad's sister, Azuzena.  This is her family.  The guy all the way to the right is Osvaldo.  Back when I was 17, he introduced me to my first ever lazer tag battle.Photo: Photo: Afterwards we went to Cousin Hector's house.  His granddaughter was celebrating her birthday.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Going after the pinata booty!Photo: A couple of portraits of the old man.Photo: Photo: Catherine's new friends.  I'm not sure how they communicated, but they still had fun.Photo: