16 Photos - Oct 10, 2012
Photo: Breakfast time!Photo: Everyone is a little tired.  I did not notice until now that we ate with an image of Our Lady of Las Lajas behind us!  There are no coincidences with God.Photo: Iliana, Queen of the table!Photo: There are no plans to visit a church today, so we all go in to pray in the "capilla."Photo: Photo: Photo: Our last day in Ecuador with "Zona Wi-Fi."  I'm still miffed I couldn't get in my Wii U pre-order.Photo: Quicocha Lagoon was created 3000 years ago by the volcano of the same name. It is highly sulfuric.Photo: Photo: Time to go get some souvenirs.Photo: Otavalo Marketplace is packed with merchants.Photo: The roads are full of merchants on Saturdays, creating one huge marketplace.Photo: This restaurant was the best one we ate at in Ecuador.  It's name is "Mi Otavalito."  They even had an indigneous band playing folk music. Wait for the video.Photo: Our cook and her little helper.  I felt warm just looking at the kid.  It was not cold in there at all.Photo: Goodbye, Our Lady of Quito!Photo: As we flew to Guayaquil, the cloud cover was really cool.