34 Photos - Oct 7, 2012
Photo: We meet our driver Luis and begin our journey out of the city.  First, we stop at the Basilica in Quito.Photo: The place is huge.  It felt a lot like Saint Patrick's in NYC.Photo: This is demonstrative of what we did in these temples.  We really did just take time to pray.  God blessed us with the time to do this,  we couldn't imagine treating these places like
museums.Photo: Photo: Photo: This is the tabernacle.   The Sacred Heart of Jesus is huge in Ecuador, especially since President Moreno had consecrated the country to the Sacred Heart.Photo: We always see the baby Jesus, but here we have a statue of baby Mary.Photo: A replica of the "Black Christ."   More on that later on in the trip.Photo: Photo: Photo: His heart is big on mercy.Photo: This is the Basilica's chapel.Photo: Channnel 4 was doing some sort of special and ended up interviewing my dad for a really long time.    My mother seemed worried.  She likes to worry.Photo: We leave the Basilica and continue our journey out of the city.  We're going north.Photo: Wow! Obama in Ecuador!?  This logo is supposed to be a Q, for Quito, but it looks like the Obama campaign's O, doesn't it?Photo: On the outskirts of Quito.Photo: We arrive at a volcanic crater.Photo: Photo: There's a museum that claims to have the true GPS location of the Equator.  At the entrance they have a treehouse.  Why?  I don't know.Photo: Photo: Photo: Dinner!  Actually, these guys are the lucky ones.  They are only there for show.Photo: Don Jorge weaves all the taspestries by hand and by memory!Photo: This is the monument that was built on the equator line as calculated by the French in the 1700s.  The French didn't get it exactly right, but they got close.Photo: Photo: We continue our way north and stop at the most popular shrine in Ecuador... the shrine of the Virgin of El Quinche.  It is in Quinche, Ecuador.Photo: Photo: Another High Altar made of gold!Photo: Look at that huge monstrance and host at the top!!Photo: Every November 21, the people from Quito walk day and night to El Quinche.  It is a popular pilgrimage asking our Lady for intercession.  Many miracles are reported to this day.Photo: Our Lady of El Quinche!Photo: Photo: Photo: Back in the car with Luis our driver.  We continue non stop to our hotel in Ibarra, Ecuador and arrive there around 8 p.m. for dinner.  Tomorrow we go to Colombia.