95 Photos - Oct 5, 2012
Photo: Today we visit The Church of the Society of Jesus.  "La Compania de Jesus."  Started in 1605, it was completed in 1765.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I did not take this pic, but it shows what over a ton of gold leaf translates to.  The pics I did take where done 'stealth' without being able to put my camera to my eye.Photo: Scrooge McDuck would be in Heaven.  All kidding aside, anyone would.Photo: Photo: Photo: Santa Marianita de Jesus (1618-1645), the first Ecuadorian Saint, interceded greatly for her people.  She was a great inspiration for Saint Narcisa.Photo: Side altar with tabernacle.Photo: Photo: Notice the line of confessionals.Photo: The penitent does not go into a booth, but there is a covering to guard against lip reading.Photo: Another side altar.  I particularly like the Solomonic columns.Photo: The carved angels on the pews were a nice touch.Photo: Justin and I asked if we could up into the choir loft....but we were denied.Photo: Photo: The Presidential Palace is in the background.  Home to leftist Presidente Correa.Photo: No way was I going to go inside that palace.  They might have conservative gringo detectors!  We did however go to the foot of the palace where, in 1875,  the most Catholic President of a Republic to have ever lived was assassinated by the most liberal of groups: the Masons.Photo: Though warned of assassination attempts, Moreno kept his routine, left the Cathedral and proceeded to go to work because that is what he was supposed to do.  Here he was struck by knives, revolvers, and a machete.  His cry was, "Dios no muere!"  "God does not die!"Photo: I did not take this shot of Plaza Grande, but I should have.  President Moreno left the Cathedral on the left and walked to work on the right, knowing full well that the Freemasons would assassinate him.  After the attack he was taken back into the Cathedral where he received the Last Rites before dying.Photo: The Cathedral Sanctuary.Photo: mmm...Jesus had Guinea Pig at the Last Supper.  The artist painted a cuy on the main dish.  Zoom in and see for yourselves.Photo: Photo: The side altar of Saint Mariana.  President Moreno would pray here after daily Mass.  Here he was told to not go to work and instead flee, because they were waiting for him.  Moreno was a man who knew what he must do.Photo: It was also on this side altar of Saint Mariana where he received his last rites and died.   Pope Pius IX declared that Gabriel Garcia Moreno "died a victim for the Faith and Christian Charity for his beloved country."Photo: Moreno's body was hidden for 100 years because his family was afraid that his enemies would desecrate it.  Like something out of a movie, a devotee managed to ask in monasteries, find clues and put a puzzle together just in time for the 100 year anniversary.  His body was found and is now securely in the crypt of the Cathedral.   This is a memorial which is directly above his burial.Photo: The man got rid of corruption, acted as Catholic as possible within the constraints of the Constitution, supported universal literacy and education, gauranteed equal rights to all Ecuadoreans, improved infrastructure, eliminated the state's power to appoint bishops, and consecrated the country to the Sacred Heart via an act of Congress.  That last act is what really did him in.Photo: Chant books had to be big so that the whole schola could see the notes.  What  a green concept!Photo: The Cathedral library has a cool ladder.Photo: Chant books and paintings of every bishop of Quito.Photo: Photo: Yes, these are all still used.  Liturgical Blue is an exemption given to Latin American countries for use on Marian feast days, sorry USA.Photo: This depicts the story of Don Ramon Ayala.  Who would get so drunk he'd yell at the rooster and taunt it to fight him.  One day, through a miracle from God,  the rooster did just that and Don Ramon changed his life and became a devout follower of Christ.Photo: Photo: My dad is asking for a recommendation for where to eat.Photo: Menestra is a bean stew and it is found *everywhere*.  Even KFC sells menestra.  This food court has a restaurant which is called "The Black Guy's Bean Stew: As prepared at home."   Let me tell you, this black guy can cook.  It was delicious!  The food court was right off Plaza Grande, but we walked way more than we had to to find it.Photo: The boys and I are the only ones brave enough to take the cable car to 13,300 feet elevation.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The scaredy cats!Photo: Photo: Photo: The climb takes a while and can get a little disconcerting.Photo: It felt a little like "Welcome, to Jurassic Park!"Photo: Photo: We made it!  The view from up here is great!Photo: No way did I pay for this...but Justin wanted the picture.Photo: Photo: This is the back way down the mountain.  Many hikers and bicyclists make their way back down this way (or come up it).  The cable cars have bike racks on the backs.Photo: Photo: Photo: Heading back down towards Vulqano Park.Photo: The nation's only amusement park is Vulqano Park.  All other amusement rides in the country are part of mobile operations.  At least, so says Vulqano Park.Photo: Photo: This looks familiar.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: It is the same merry-go-round that used to be at the Mall of NH.Photo: Photo: "Splash" was a hit.  No one wanted to leave, but it was getting late.Photo: Luke was able to fulfill his dream of riding in a real yellow taxi.  That's him peeking out the back.Photo: Time to visit our Lady.Photo: This statue rocks.  It is our Lady of the Apocalypse.  Read Revelation and you'll see why she has the crown of twelve stars and wings!  And who does she have in chains?  That old dragon!  Take that Satan!Photo: It's cool that the moon she stands on, also happened to be next to her in the sky.Photo: Those two other guys are our taxi drivers for the evening.  They drove us to the Teleferico and then to the Panecillo to see our Lady.Photo: The big gaping square near the bottom right is Plaza San Domingo.  Our hotel is on the top left corner of the plaza and if you zoom in you can see the restaurant lights.Photo: Dinner time!  We returned to the same food court, but this time ate from Inty Raimi restaurant.  Once again, the food was great.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: An old Bible.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: