14 Photos - Oct 4, 2012
Photo: The flight took about 30 minutes.Photo: The plaza of San Domingo.  Saint Dominic, pray for us.Photo: El panecillo ('the little loaf of bread')Photo: My parents' view from their hotel bedroom.Photo: Our first visit is to San Francisco!Photo: They kicked us out quickly because they were about to close, but I got a pic of the sanctuary!Photo: We walk back to the plaza of San Domingo.   It is really cool that one can often look up and see Our Lady on El Panecillo.Photo: Exterior shot of San Domingo.Photo: The doors of San Domingo.Photo: This church was also closing and we had to leave quickly.  I find it interesting that this church always had a free standing altar and the appropriate baldaccino over it.Photo: Really cool ceiling above the sanctuary of San Domingo.Photo: The building behind Justin, in the middle is our hotel.  The top floor with all the lights is the restaurant.Photo: Photo: We have internet for the first time in Ecuador.   Hotel Wi-Fi, iPhone, and Netflix means that on Day 6, the kids watched "Meet the Robinsons."   I also find out that the Wii U pre-orders had sold out! Drat!