11 Photos - Oct 3, 2012
Photo: Daule, Rice capital of the Guayas Province.Photo: We walked to the cemetery.  It was hot in the cemetery with no shade and the sun beating down on us...reminded us we were close to the equator. Notice the stray dog, which were all over the place.Photo: The tomb of my great uncle and aunt.  You can tell they are side by side.Photo: A close up of my great uncle's tomb.   Great uncle Benito had enough money to make a very nice tomb.Photo: My grandfather's tomb.Photo: Some very old in ground burials still exist.   All markings have weathered away.Photo: Ice cream time.Photo: Visiting cousing Jimmy and family in Banife.Photo: Heading back to Daule on the Tricimoto.Photo: Riding the preferred form of public transportation in Daule, the Tricimoto.Photo: