16 Photos - Oct 1, 2012
Photo: We went to Mass while it was overcast and came back to a beautiful Sunday morning.Photo: Photo: The water was warm and waves were perfect for body surfing.  My parents were freaking out that the waves might be too rough.  They were fine.Photo: My parents kept the younger kids away from the waves.Photo: The pool in the beach house subdivision was also fun.Photo: Keeping warm.Photo: After all the swimming it was time to rest.Photo: Photo: How do you drink an orange?  First you peel the outer rind, then cut off the top.  Finally, you squeeze and enjoy.Photo: Photo: Before heading back to Daule, we stop for lunner at "Emely's" restaurant.  No wonder my family mispells my wife's name!   The food was spectacular.Photo: When we had arrived in Cuenca two days ago, I noticed that the two front tires were severely bald.  So we replaced them in Cuenca.Photo: There are numerous stands selling coconut on the road back to Guayaquil/Daule.  This sign reads, "Coconut, well chilled 'The Cat' "   The Cat was a professional with the machete.  He knew what he was doing.Photo: First you drink the coconut water and then you take the coconut back to "El Gato" to have the flesh chopped up for consumption.Photo: Everyone must finish the milk before we can leave.Photo: Ready to go! Around 8 p.m. we arrived in Daule, tired and ready for bed.