26 Photos - Sep 30, 2012
Photo: My dad's good friend, Marco, drove us all to Cuenca.  Here we are in the plaza that is in front of the Cathedral, which ended up being closed.Photo: This is Cuenca's Saint Francis Church.  It was the only church that was "open" on a Saturday afternoon.   We asked our Lord to hear our intentions, and Saint Francis to pray for us and all those back home.Photo: Saint Francis Church was not really open.  We could only peek through the gates.  Cuenca was a bit of a bust, but it was nice to walk in the cooler weather afforded by its elevation of 7700 feet.Photo: Photo: With the Cathedral and all the other churches closed, we were not sure what to do.  Then God sent us an Angel.   This man is a reporter, and his name is Angel.  He showed us some pretty interesting stuff that did not require entering churches.  Another extremely generous man.  It was like having hired a guide.Photo: This old church and monastery still had these hand carved doors.Photo: Photo: Don Angel told us that when the monastery expanded and built a bigger church, it did it over an old graveyard.  The tombstones were used as steps.Photo: Time to eat Guinea pig!  Emily and the kids tried it too, and I even had my Mom try it.  She tried a smidget while protesting that  "rats are mountain food."  She admitted it tasted fine but could not bear to eat more.Photo: Guinea pig tastes like pig!  The skin was crispy and well seasoned.   Sadly, there wasn't much meat because I had only asked for half of a "Cuy" and the upper half is mostly fat.     The hind legs would have been a better idea.Photo: After the meal we made our way back down the mountains to Marco and Betty's beach house in Playas.   The scenery was spectacular.Photo: I think this must be the house of an ex-pat.  It just looks very North American.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Marco and myself.  Another very generous man.  He drove the entire day and would not let me help (even though I assured him I knew how to drive stick).Photo: Marco and my Dad are great friends.Photo: Photo: Photo: When I have time, I'm going to remove the power lines and then have this pic hung on my wall.Photo: Photo: Photo: A shot of part of the road we had already descended.    There was much snaking up, down and around the mountains.  I am amazed we can build these things.    There is a huge abyss below these roads.Photo: Photo: Sundown and we are still descending.  We do not arrive in Playas until 9 p.m. or so.   God knew what he was doing.  Had we done more in Cuenca we would have arrived even later.   Another tiring day of pilgrimage.