19 Photos - May 27, 2015
Photo: Stage 5, research on nautical systems and sea living.This is the overall theory behind Stage 5.Photo: Nautical investigations for light weight living.Photo: Prefabricated probes.Photo: Cooling stations utilizing vegetation.Photo: Vomae 7 is conceived.Photo: Problem solving.Photo: Water Architecture.Photo: Form concepts from 2009 1-29.Photo: F5 living module.Photo: Photo: A Architecture paper I wrote in 1988 on Kinetic Architecture.Photo: Prior theories and thesis from 1999 and 2014 Mcro Dwell Build.Photo: Building the full scale master plan living, working, and entertaining living center.Photo: Model in progress.Photo: The final installation at the Tempe Post Office on Mill Ave.Photo: Final install.Photo: A vertical mixed use tower from a 3d sketch using steel.Photo: Overall installation.Photo: MPP bio for the install.