153 Photos - Oct 8, 2012
Photo: Photo: packingPhoto: National Flag handed over by eminent lawyer Mr SB MukherjeePhoto: with the expedition banner at howrah stationPhoto: National Flag handed over by senior club member Mr Basudeb DuttaPhoto: before boarding the trainPhoto: in trainPhoto: move to Uttarkashi from HaridwarPhoto: The holy GangaPhoto: road closed due to landslidePhoto: enjoying aaloo paratha en-route UttarkashiPhoto: TehriPhoto: waiting for the second jeep to arrive for journey to Gangotri from UttarkashiPhoto: at Gangotri a hill walk toward BhujkharakPhoto: Photo: Gangotri templePhoto: in front of the Gangotri templePhoto: we all are herePhoto: at the forest dept check post towards BhujbasPhoto: Photo: first view of Bhagirathi massifPhoto: first day's halt at BhujbasPhoto: every mountaineer's dream.... the mighty ShivlingPhoto: GomukhPhoto: Photo: Shivling with MeruPhoto: there starts the worst part of the route.... Raktabaran glacierPhoto: Photo: lot many crevassesPhoto: step by step towards Nandanvan.... our BasecampPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: one has to be very carefulPhoto: Shivling!!Photo: Tashi Sherpa cutting ice to find the routePhoto: Photo: Photo: KedardomePhoto: atlast Nandanvan ....Photo: Kedardome from NandanvanPhoto: Photo: preparing for Puja at BCPhoto: Photo: Photo: repacking food and equipment for higher campsPhoto: photo session at BCPhoto: Shivling from NandanvanPhoto: Kedardome(right) and Kedarnath(left)Photo: mild snow fall started in the afternoonPhoto: cloudy ShivlingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: way towards Upper Nandanvan... our ABCPhoto: Photo: Norbu SherpaPhoto: start for ABCPhoto: other members bidding good byePhoto: Mt BasukiPhoto: Chandra ParvatPhoto: Photo: it was a smooth road towards ABCPhoto: Chandra ParvatPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mt BasukiPhoto: Quechua T3+ at ABCPhoto: Mt Basuki was so close from Upper Nandanvan(ABC)Photo: Photo: way towards Camp-IPhoto: Camp-I was right of that snow patch seen on the leftPhoto: moonrise above Mt BasukiPhoto: Photo: in the mountains one should be colourful....Photo: buddiesPhoto: Photo: morning teaPhoto: towards Camp-I.... we can see ABC in the backPhoto: Salewa at camp-IPhoto: planning for the next dayPhoto: hand made stove.... small by very usefulPhoto: Summit camp was above the rockface seen in the rightPhoto: Photo: Bhagirathi-III and Bhagirathi-IPhoto: Photo: Camp-IPhoto: Photo: Vasuki Taal as seen on the way to Summit campPhoto: tea after reaching at Summit campPhoto: as it was post monsoon.... we got snow only after reaching Summit campPhoto: Vasuki TaalPhoto: it was a rocky way towards summitPhoto: Bhagirathi -IPhoto: there was snow only at the summit ridge.... otherwise it was full of broken slate type rocks....Photo: trying contact the members on top and base camp from summit campPhoto: we started for summit at 2:30 am on 28 Sep and reached summit at 9:45 amPhoto: Photo: Tashi Sherpa at summitPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mt Basuki and Chandra parvat as seen from summitPhoto: Photo: Photo: thats the top of Mt Shatopanth... as seen from summitPhoto: Photo: Photo: Puja at SummitPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mt Thalaysagar, Mt Shivling, Mt Bhrigupanth and Mt Meru ....as seen from summitPhoto: Photo: Photo: footsteps on the summit ridgePhoto: Bhagirathi- III and I.... as seen from summitPhoto: Mt Basuki and Mt Shatopanth .... as seen from summitPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: going down was more strenuousPhoto: lots of fixed ropes en-route to summitPhoto: broken rocksPhoto: same day we descended down to camp- IPhoto: Photo: back to base campPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sayantan DuttaPhoto: Sunita D'Sa PrabhuPhoto: Ashish GuptaPhoto: Pradeep Kumar BarPhoto: Ardhendu RakshitPhoto: Tashi SherpaPhoto: Norbu SherpaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: