38 Photos - Aug 20, 2014
Photo: Girls from Poppies Fish & Chips in the EastEnd

>> http://goo.gl/jZ24rUPhoto: Notting Hill Carnival  - Don't pinch the bobbie's hat without asking!
>> http://goo.gl/QQCVaqPhoto: Friendly London punk

You meet all sorts in #happeningLondonPhoto: Friday night revelers pose outside the Castle, Farringdon London
Background here: http://goo.gl/ZR31KrPhoto: People mix from the EKKAH gig.
Blog post here: http://goo.gl/SjCeXIPhoto: Putting the world to rights at +Speakers' Corner 

♡ on http://instagram.com/p/vMa56BIBg7Photo: One of the hosts at the +Google Local London +Somerset House skate-school event gets photobombed.

Event link: http://goo.gl/6O68mLPhoto: Member of the audience at the @EKKAH gig.

Caught the end of a gig by +EKKAH last night. Good venue, great music.
Blog post: http://goo.gl/SjCeXIPhoto: Member of the audience at the E-Type Boys gig at The Stillery in Camden, London

>> http://goo.gl/y1FjTPPhoto: Doorman at The Alley CatPhoto: Mirror, mirror ... #happeningLondon  Photo: The band "In Search Of Sun" - Bassist & guitarist at The Alley Cat bar.

More from that night here: http://bit.ly/1Cbi1yGPhoto: #TFIFriday  - What do you have planned for this #London  weekend?Photo: Having a flashback to >> goo.gl/QQCVaq last year ...Photo: Well dressed couple on the London underground.Photo: Painting in Parliament Square,  #London  Photo: Photo: Fancy folks on Blackfriars bridgePhoto: Skaters taking a break in East LondonPhoto: Fashion shoot in St James Walk, Clerkenwell GreenPhoto: Eat you cake Ralphie - Nag's Head Pub, LondonPhoto: Masked DJ at Trafalgar Square in LondonPhoto: Derek, keeping Knightsbridge in London tidy.Photo: Punks in CamdenPhoto: The White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter having a tea party in Camden, London.Photo: Unofficial Local Guides meet-up at Crate.Photo: Trombonist in the audience at Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell park south LondonPhoto: People at Lambeth Country ShowPhoto: More info on the event: http://bit.ly/UnsignedLDNphotosPhoto: See more here: http://goo.gl/ocfnPSPhoto: See more here: http://goo.gl/ocfnPSPhoto: Laughter at Notting Hill Carnival 2014Photo: A couple embrace. Broadway Market, LondonPhoto: TV & Radio broarcaster James Whale at The Harrison Pub. Cheers!Photo: Madhatter selfie ...Photo: +Fabio Tedde tickles the ivories on the Herne Hill Piano ...

The piano stands at the entrance / exit of Herne Hill station. It's there to be played by all who wish.Photo: +KIMMY BEATBOX​ performs for the Brick Lane crowd, East London.Photo: Bird man - Brick Lane, London ...

Met this guy and his parrot at the weekend. People seemed more interested in the parrot, which didn't seem to mind being perched on the shoulders of strangers.