37 Photos - Mar 30, 2010
Photo: From Good Old Boat Magazine article.Photo: White dinghy cover ... appears that a drawstring was used to secure below the rub rail...Photo: Karin has sort of the same set up as this guys dink......and I am thinking that I would make a small tab with a grommet and then attach a small line or webbing and tie it to the rings that are on the bottom of the boatPhoto: Leather reinforcement around handles, etc.Photo: Blue chaps with vinyl glass to see registration numbers (and reflective tape?); white "fly" cover (folded onto bow).Photo: Picture perfect chaps, reinforcements, tight, neat.Photo: Burgandy chaps ...Photo: Another type of dinghy, red chapsPhoto: Blue and white chaps, kind of wrinkled...notice how chaps aren't staying under the rub rail on the end of the pontoons...Photo: Blue and grey chaps, nice...Photo: My favorite, brown Naugehyde and tan Sunbrella... this was made for them... I have the article they wrote about it... if interested e-mail me.Photo: Notice snaps...Photo: Tan Sunbrella & brown Naugehyde reinforcement, notice outboard is also covered, and registration numbers appear to be painted on...Photo: Brown and tan dinghyPhoto: Orange & white dinghy from Sailrite instructions...Photo: Another picture of orange & white dinghy from Sailrite instructions...notice chafe at rub rail around the bow... this would be an extra reinforcement point, potentially... notice gromment on inside of pontoon cover ... and how cover is patterned around/over stern...Photo: White & grey, with red bow reinforcement... kind of baggy...Photo: White and grey dinghy cover, looks nice....Photo: Hypalon D-ring patchesPhoto: Black dinghy chaps and "fly" cover and other notes ...Photo: Black dinghy chaps designer making the cover "fly"...Photo: More notes from designer of black dinghy chaps...Photo: More ideas from designer of black dinghy chaps...Photo: Green chaps, draw string, vinyl glass over registration numbers...Photo: Green chaps... bow viewPhoto: Finished hem.... this is a pretty cover....Photo: Photo: Photo: Vinyl glass over registration numbers...Photo: Photo: Photo: Troubadour's dinghy after we brought it home... kind of sad and forlorn looking.... but there is hope... this does give you a good look at the rub rail...Photo: Trying to find a leak... notice hand holds, inflation ports, d-ring on pontoon, and how rub rail stops at ends of pontoons ... all need to be considered in chaps design...Photo: Inflated and ready, here you can see the bow seat. This dinghy also has a floor locker for oars.Photo: Close up of Troubadour's Inflated dinghy - notice "double" rub rail ... inflation ports - one on each side pontoon, one at the inside of the port bow pontoon...d-rings on aft end of pontoons ...Photo: Troubadour's dinghy ... notice bow D-Ring on Hypalon, and one on hard bottom...Photo: