9 Photos - Jul 31, 2012
Photo: Getting ready to take elevation points with the total station and prism at the site of Hualcayan in north-central Peru.Photo: During survey in the Nepeña valley. In the background is the site of Caylan.Photo: Taking a break from surface survey collections to pose with a large wall at the Formative Period (1800-200BC) site of Kushipampa, located in the Nepeña valley.Photo: Screening dirt at the site of Hualcayan, located in the Cajellon de Huaylas, north-central Peru.Photo: At the Huaraz museum, with a collection of Recuay ceramicsPhoto: Posing with my handy work at the end of crew chiefing my first season at Hualcayan. A mound complex located in the north central highlands of Peru.Photo: exploring a looted machay (tomb).Photo: the mounds at the site of HualcayanPhoto: playing with the local children at Hualcayan during a day off.