27 Photos - Feb 17, 2013
Photo: Beautiful sight against the sky. Two elements on 80 meters. It really is not impossible. I've seen it done right here in Yuba City. The only one in California, I'm told.Photo: Roger makes his ascent.Photo: Tower at the upper stop (right side hits stop), now we can stop cranking it up!Photo: View fron the ground... Wow. What a beautiful sight.Photo: The 80 meter antenna looks so good at 72 feet. Six meter antenna crowns the top.Photo: 40 turns raises the antenna about 18 inches. Note custom crank.Photo: Roger (professional helper) demonstrates how cranking is good exercise... we all  took our  turn.Photo: Even Minh (N6MB) takes a spin. Watch those precious hands Doc.Photo: Minh's nephew is a great helper. Putting his calculus number crunching to use. HI HiPhoto: The generator came in handy for the power tools.Photo: Cranking it up to 72 feet. Minh says it all looks good.Photo: Look what is sprouting out of N6MB's walnut orchard! It must be Spring time when a man's thoughts turn to antennas.Photo: 160 m loop gets in the way but Roger(hired help) works around it successfully.Photo: Spring time the Walnut orchard and look what is pushing up out of the ground... a new 72 foot tower with two antennas.Photo: Mike arrives Friday to do some custom work to fix the worm drive on the wench so we can raise the antennas Saturday.Photo: Testing a clamp prototype  to get the concept down for a final welding job on Saturday.Photo: View for first tower and windom antenna from front yard.Photo: Photo: Ground view of the 3 inch pipe carring cables to new tower. Lots of digging on this job.Photo: Let's see ... we will just dodge this tree and go staight to the new tower. Hope no one has a rototiller aroung here.Photo: View of cherry picker next to tower. Mike in disbelief, asking how am I going to fix this? Well, he did the next day.Photo: Winch in disarray but Mike figured out a custom repair job.Photo: The sky is the limit. Oops,  no,  the limb is in the way.Photo: Some final adjustments and then Roger can look up and see the moon just above the elemant.Photo: Tightening the bolta as the moon shines down from above...Photo: Look at the size of those beautiful coils and the balum.Photo: Look at those beautiful coils and the balum with the coax attached. Switched box between coils permits low and mid sections of the 80 m band.