56 Photos - Jan 29, 2012
Oversized vintage spoon, pipe from dryer, junk & vintage jewelry/beads, crystals, pewter hands, screws/bolts/nuts, wire.Photo: $395/SOLDPhoto: AGATHA
Steel, junk metal, quartz crystal, vintage jewelry, old key, mirror, fuse, chain.Photo: $250Photo: THE MYSTIC/SOLD
Mexican tin frame, vintage and junk jewelry/beads, stones, wire, (cross removed and replaced with jewels), acrylic paint, metallic paint. key.Photo: $195 I took the cross off of this piece and added a jeweled piece in it's place.

Wooden frame, crystals, vintage jewelry, chain. Rub n Buff.Photo: SOLDPhoto: ASHA/SOLD
Brass stampings, crystals, vintage jewelry/beads, wood, wire, Rub N Buff.Photo: ASHA/SOLD
 12.5" x 6Photo: BRENDA.SOLD
Vintage grater, old key, junk metal, vintage jewelry, wire scrubber, metal beads.Photo: $175
/SOLDPhoto: SOLD/this piece is now $225
Aluminum, vintage jewelry/beads, stamped metal, turquoise, ball chain, wire.Photo: SPIRIT
Wood, ball chain, ZivaWorks pewter tile, vintage jewelry, crystals, stamped metal. metallic paint.Photo: $145Photo: ESTRA
Vintage stamped metal and jewelry, crystals, metals beads, wire.Photo: $225Photo: SOLD/FASHIONISTAS
Laminate samples, wood flooring sample, jewelry parts, crystals, beads, metallic paint.Photo: SOLD/$125Photo: GLORIANNA/SOLD
Found metal piece (body), stamped steel parts (wings), drain/light cover?, crystals, metal beads and junk metal,Photo: $175/SOLDPhoto: GIRLS FROM OTHER WORLDS/SOLD
Hemp, vintage and junk jewelry, Dichroic glass, steel/aluminum and copper wire, crystals, glass, copper pipe.Photo: GIRLS FROM OTHER WORLDS
$225Photo: $225 This piece is quite large and could be used outdoors. I have added more elements onto it: creatures etc. .Photo: LAMMASA/PRIVATE COLLECTION
Wood, vintage jewelry, crystals, metallic paint, beads, and wire.
soldPhoto: $175
soldPhoto: LINEAGE
Metal frames, crystals, vintage jewelry, Jay Strongwater frame, quartz crystal, beads, metallic paint and Rub N Buff.Photo: $195 .Photo: LYRA
NOTE: arms and legs changed to crystals. Metal candle/wine rings, vintage and junk beads and jewelry, stamped brass, wire.Photo: $195Photo: SOLD/MAIDEN, MOTHER, KRONE
Wood, wire, chandelier glass, vintage jewelry, metallic paint.Photo: $125/SOLDPhoto: OMA/SOLD
Wood, wire, vintage and junk jewelry/beads, stamped metal, wooden jewelry pieces, metallic paint, Rub n Buff.Photo: $145
Aluminum Jello molds, wire, chain, vintage plastic and metal beads, Dichroic glass, Rub N buff.Photo: SOLD/NOT PICTURED is a beautiful hook I created for this Ziva because she hangs 5 " away from the wall. .Photo: TREE
Resin decorative parts, wooden fork "thing", ball chain, vintage beads and crystal, old metal hanger, wire, acrylic paint.Photo: $195 This piece hangs away from the wall a few inches.  Displayed at gallery.

Wood, vintage beads and jewelry parts, leather cord, wire, acrylic paint and Rub N buff.Photo: $145
Electrical plug and cord, telephone wire, brass wire, aluminum wire, vintage and junk beads and jewelry.Photo: $175/soldPhoto: FLAME
Wooden heart, jewelry pieces, glass beads, plastic beads, Dichroic glass, wire.Photo: FLAME
$125Photo: GIGGLE
Plastic light-bulb grabber, unknown plastic part?, orange plastic locks from ink cartridges, broken metal tongs with rubber tips, yellow African glass beads, telephone wire, metal wire.Photo: GIGGLE
Metal cocktail thing, wire, metal scrubber, glass crystals, quartz crystals, glass beads.Photo: KITTI
$150Photo: LA ZARA
Vintage jewelry, metal brass beads, long metal cooking fork, wire, plastic beads and glass beads.Photo: LA ZARA
$125Photo: ZIVA, Queen of Light/SOLD
Vintage 1950's wooden mask, flat metal kitchen pans, resin scroll screen part, Star Wars wand, metal kitchen tongs, Dichroic glass, TONS of vintage/plastic/wooden/glass beads/pearls, jeweled crown belt buckle, Tons of wire, acrylic paint, Rub N Buff.Photo: $695/SOLD
Renamed her ZIVA...the Queen of LIGHT.Photo: TRANSFORMA
Hubcap, metal rake, weird metal part, button-crocheted part, drapery hooks, wall sconce with crystals, Rub N Buff, crystal beads. Tons of wire.Photo: $425Photo: WU-MAN TOTEM
Vintage wooden totem, Dicrhoic glass, vintage jewelry, crystals, acrylic paint, wire.Photo: $295