117 Photos - Oct 27, 2007
Photo: A Beautiful MorningPhoto: Setting GearPhoto: Steve with his MarlinPhoto: Alex with his Yellowfin TunaPhoto: Catch Of The Day 14/12/12Photo: Chris 8/1/13Photo: This is hard workPhoto: Paul's Catch 18/9/12Photo: October 18th 2012Photo: Paul with his Marlin at SavasiPhoto: Paul's Marlin hanging up at Savasi!Photo: Beautiful Savusavu Sun RisePhoto: Is it still there?Photo: Lure just fell out.Photo: Who loves you baby.Photo: Jalil's MarlinPhoto: Jalil with Paul 29/9/12Photo: Tiina From FinlandPhoto: Never caught anything this big.Photo: Terry's Tuna March 2011Photo: Yellowfin Tuna 35kgPhoto: Mahi-Mahi Jan 2011Photo: Yellowfin Tuna Feb 2011Photo: Chris & His WahooPhoto: July 2011Photo: Robin October 2011Photo: Chris & Family with Tuna CatchPhoto: Wahoo 2011Photo: Andrew's Day OutPhoto: Mahi- Mahi  Feb 2011Photo: Yellowfin Tuna Nov 2010Photo: Paul & His CatchPhoto: "My Turn" October 2008Photo: Andrew August 2010Photo: Tara's 50lb MahimahiPhoto: September 2010Photo: Bronze Whaler Shark 2010Photo: Vern & TerryPhoto: Good Day Oct 2010Photo: Geof & His 16.6kg TrevallyPhoto: Geof & Walu Nov 09Photo: RobinPhoto: Yellowfin September 2009Photo: Yellowfin Sept 2009Photo: Terry with a 22.5kg  MahimahiPhoto: Walu August 09Photo: Mahimahi, Yellowfin Tuna and Skipjack TunaPhoto: Harbourside Dock June 2008Photo: 18kg Mahimahi caught in August.   
2 Happy clients.Photo: Mahimahi  August 2007Photo: Wahoo August 2007Photo: WahooPhoto: MarlinPhoto: MarlinPhoto: WahooPhoto: WahooPhoto: MahimahiPhoto: Marlin and MahimahiPhoto: MahimahiPhoto: Wahoo and Yellowfin TunaPhoto: MarlinPhoto: Marlin, March 2007Photo: 35Kg Wahoo, March 2007Photo: 35Kg Wahoo, March 2007Photo: 35Kg Wahoo, March 2007Photo: WahooPhoto: Terry's  WahooPhoto: Rodney with his WahooPhoto: Wahoo June 2007Photo: Photo: MahimahiPhoto: WahooPhoto: This Is Hard WorkPhoto: Got YouPhoto: This One OK?Photo: 2007Photo: Skipjack Tuna 2007Photo: December 2007Photo: February 2008Photo: February 2008Photo: Mahimahi March 2008Photo: Cruise Ship in SavusavuPhoto: Dolphins in Savusavu BayPhoto: SEAROV in SavusavuPhoto: Photo: Nice catch 22nd June 2008Photo: 18kg Mahi-mahi 2008Photo: 15th June Mahi-mahi 2008Photo: 15th June Charter 2008Photo: June 4th 2008Photo: Harbourside DockPhoto: Darcy, Paul & JonniePhoto: June 2008Photo: Our Catch On Day 1Photo: Mahimahi June 2008Photo: Mahimahi June 2008Photo: This One?Photo: Need Some Help HerePhoto: Our Catch 2nd DayPhoto: Mahimahi June 27th 2008Photo: Mahimahi March 2008Photo: Searov June 2008Photo: Saturday 12th July 2008Photo: Daniel & His WaluPhoto: 27th Aug 2008Photo: It's HeavyPhoto: Girls Greeting VisitorsPhoto: Copra Shed Pontoon 2008Photo: Savusavu BayPhoto: Welcome To SavusavuPhoto: Seaplane at Savusavu AirportPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Steve With his MarlinPhoto: Photo: