18 Photos - Oct 17, 2012
Photo: 8-4 Caprese salad with 5 types of heirloom tomateosPhoto: 8-8 August harvests were overwhleming... froze a lot of tomatoes for cooking this winter.  The yellow pears are good for sauce.Photo: July 18 - Cukes, beans, Zucc and tomatoes all coming in.  Also a little onion which died... my onions did not do well.  Not sure why, but it's the first time I've tried growing them.Photo: July 26 - Zucchini is producing full bore.  Not a fan of this variety, though, will try another next year.Photo: July 26 - First peach tree almost ripe.  We have two, but the other seems to be a different variety, and ripened  almost a month later.  Other trees in the orchard are 3 pears (all produced) and an apple, which lost its crop to frost.Photo: Photo: 6-10 Mulberries... we have one large tree and several small ones bordering the property.Photo: 5-11 Tomatoes in the ground -Photo: 5-30 Cukes and beans growing up dead tree in orchardPhoto: 3-29 - Violets appear near sun-warmed masonry.Photo: There were 2 plum trees with black knot fungus in the orchard when we moved in.  I cut them down and burned the wood to sterilize it.Photo: 5-23 Poppy bud will open tomorrowPhoto: 5-24 PeoniesPhoto: 10-10 a bee on some wild asterPhoto: 10-13 The last of the potato harvest. Frost killed the plants the night before.  A couple were shared with the local moles.Photo: 10-10 I managed to bring the yellow peppers through the first frost (29F) by covering them with packing blankets next to a bucket of water... there's a warm stretch ahead, so these can ripen more on the plant.Photo: Oct 2- the garden took a hit while I was gone for 3 weeks in August, but the beans and yellow pear tomatoes are still producing, and my fall crop of arugula is coming in.Photo: September 15 - the garden is a shadow of what it was before I left for vacation, but the beans and a few tomatoes are still coming.