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Photo: Inspired by all the wonderful photography on G+, I'm going to start sharing my images with all of you, my awesome friends! Here, one of my favorites from Burning Man.

Deconstruct this photo – I'll love to "see" this image from your eyes.Photo: Hindu Pilgrims, The Ganges River

As the first rays of the dawning sun glisten on the vast sacred river, the little Hindu pilgrims stand at the edge of this “Ghat” at Uttar Pradesh in Varanasi – an iconic structure of steps along the coastline of the Ganges... read more on http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=5412

Have you ever been to India? What was your first impression?Photo: BURNING MAN PHOTO OF THE DAY: Dressed in Playa Dust

I'm looking through all my Burning Man images and really feeling the sting of not being there :( I am happy, however, that my exceptional experiences are immortalized in my countless images created over the past years. Here's Conor, age 1.5, standing in front of his motor home dressed from head to toe in playa dust.

Have you been to Burning Man?Photo: PHOTO OF THE DAY: A Light Unto My Path

At the nascence of my photographic journey, various mentors encouraged me to get my work in front of the right people and that contests have helped launch the careers of many of the top pros in the industry. I took their advice to heart and have worked vigorously ever since to submit my work to renowned contests. This image, created in the Nevada desert, is one of my first award-winning photographs from the 17th Annual Photo Contest of National Geographic Traveler. See feature here: http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=6749Photo: PHOTO OF THE DAY:
Warrior of Light

Joshua Stedman (http://www.joshuastedman.com) has been labeled “Stevie Wonder meets Seal with the voice of Sting.” I also know him as my Ex. We remained good friends and this is my favorite photograph of him. This image illustrates the magnetic burst of energy you feel when you are around Josh. Read more: http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=317Photo: PHOTO OF THE DAY: The Blizzard of '06

Were any of you in NYC in February 2006? 

I was – I remember that it had been a humdrum winter in New York for 2 months. Everywhere you turned, there were snowy rooftops and white-coated trees that were a shadow of their summer selves. One early February morning, I awoke to a sudden thunderous uproar, like an electric shock through my heart. Read more: http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=6881.Photo: Unemployed coal miner smokes a cigarette in front of his home in the west coast of Tasmania which is often referred to as the "Wild West"Photo: Hmong Villager in Mountain Range at Vietnam / China Border

Quick Photo Tip:

Don't be afraid to get close to your subject, even it it means cropping part of the face or head. It makes for a compelling, intimiate viewing experience.Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Hudock- Burning Man

Tip of the Day :

When posing models move beyond simple, structural directions that will likely make them stiff (such as move your head up, arm left, chin down, etc... and act natural!). Invite your models to get into character by acting out a story, this will create a more organic aesthetic and engaging narrative.

For more tips on posing models check out the latest episode of TWiT Photo with guest +Wil Wells & +Dave Cox 

http://twit.tv/show/twit-photo/66 Photo: Burning Man | Black Rock CityPhoto: Photo: TasmaniaPhoto: Tibetan Refugee Monk, Age 4. In another life, my photography sojourn to India brought me to a temple bordering India and Nepal – it was one of the most memorable trips of my life. The Tibetan refugee monks were so gracious and kind to me.. read more on http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=3238 Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: The John Deere Way of Life. This was a photograph from a commercial shoot for John Deere and the original concept was to illustrate how the brand is not just about equipment, but a way of life. I was interested to capture the lifestyle of people who depend on John Deere for their livelihood. Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: As an artist, one of the greatest marvels I have ever seen is the Angkor Wat bas-relief gallery. Erected and completed in the 1100s, it’s miraculous that you can still see the details and exquisite – and extensive – craftwork that depicted stories of heaven and hell, and of the many battles between good and evil... Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: Requiem for a Fisherman. In this photograph, Phil the fisherman sits on a plateau of rock, gazing out into the ocean with no specific goal in mind. Many Tasmanians depend on their gorgeous surroundings directly for their survival and livelihood and I wanted to capture the lifestyle of a fisherman, a simple life not distracted by noise and the palpitations of human traffic. Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: Pilgrims of Black Rock City, Portrait Series. The Reverie of the Desert Nymph. Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: Pixie Girl of Black Rock Desert, Portrait Series of Burning Man Pilgrims. Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: Pilgrims of Black Rock #5: Image series of the participants of the annual Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert. Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: Sweet 16. As I pulled into the motel, I saw this girl – something about her energy, a slight adolescent awkwardness that belied her maturity – drew me to her. Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: Photo of the Day: Woman of War

This image is part of a 1940s “Woman of War” period piece I shot at San Francisco’s historic Julia Morgan Ballroom. While my first passion is fine art wedding photography, I am also an avid practitioner of portraiture. I value beauty for the sake of beauty, and this particular project unifies my aesthetic vision with the delicate whimsy of fashion and the magnetism of femininity. http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=7179

Watch out for my tip on beauty portraiture on TWiT Photo today – did I mention that we will host our first in-studio guest ever (the amazing Sue Bryce) in a couple of hours? Bubbling with excitement :)Photo: Memory of a Welcome Feast, India. Copyright: Catherine Hall Studios.Photo: PHOTO OF THE DAY: REGAL RUINS IN PREAH KHAN

I took this photograph at the Preah Khan temple, once occupied by a great Khmer king – the structure you see at the middle of the cross-section of consecutive hallways is a lingam-yoni shrine. Can you guess what it symbolizes?

Clue: http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=5386.Photo: Image Story | Fall Edition 2011 | Living With The Novogratz

“It’s not broken!” These were the first words I ever heard uttered by interior-architect icon Cortney Novogratz. After returning from the hospital with their nine-year-old son, Breaker, Cortney shouted her message up the stairwell in the six-story $20-million West Village home where she and her husband Robert live. Well, where they’re living for now. Cortney and Bob are the creative directors of the mad-skills Sixx Design team; they move into ramshackle, lackluster, or sometimes just-not-hip residencies and cast a spell on these dwellings with their bohemian-chic magic. Then, they sell.

Read the rest of the story here: http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=577.

Want to get my quarterly newsletter? Sign up here : http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/newsletterPhoto: PHOTO OF THE DAY: Bellamy N.N., 12

A portrait of Bellamy in her room, part of an image series of the Novogratz family of reality TV show, Nine By Design. The Novogratzes possess an abundant energy that allows them to wholly embody the now – they have an uncanny ability to live so fully in the moment that you can’t help but be swept away in the fairy tale. Despite the chaos, I missed the rollicking, wild, loving, close-knit nature of the Novogratz home when I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area. My house just seemed so… quiet.

More : http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=577.Photo: PHOTO OF THE DAY: THE PUNK BRILLIANCE OF ASIEL DESIGN

At a wedding I photographed at Burning Man, I organized a last-minute photo shoot with Jonathan Michael and Linnae Asiel of avant-garde design firm, Asiel Design. This couple is the epitome of cool – widely adored for their eclectic, inventive artistry, yet they really are just down-to-earth, and genuinely nice people to be around. Check out their work at http://www.asieldesign.com.

More: http://www.catherinehall.net/blog/?p=5411Photo: Central Park, New York CityPhoto: "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope,
and a new year filled with happiness and success.Photo: Novogratz FamilyLifestyle Portaits Oct 2010Photo: Photo: Simplifying Sports Photography: A Portrait of Wolfie Novogratz

Wolfie, a teenage basketball buff and the son of famed NYC-based interior architects Cortney and Robert Novogratz, of Sixx Design and popular reality show Home By Novogratz on HGTV. Last year, I did a 3-day East Coast residency with the family, documenting behind-the-scenes images of this very-cosmopolitan, 10-person clan.

With Wolfie, as with any athlete, the linchpin of capturing a striking, catch-you-off-guard image is the use of dramatic lighting. It accentuates the musculature of the human form, with light wrapping around the limbs to create eye-riveting shadow.

+Rick Sammon puts it best: “Light illuminates and shadows define.” For this particular portrait, I began the shoot with lots of complicated light rigging, and then completely cast-off the set-up as ultimately needless. In the end, the simplest set-up – in this case, a Profoto head with medium Chimera softbox was placed at a 45-degree angle on the right side and a white reflector on his left side – produced the Rembrandt-like effect you see here. http://ow.ly/8McIi #portraittuesdayPhoto: Tip of the Day:
Let kids be kids! Allow children to play within their surroundings, doing so will produce a more authentic and telling photograph.

This was shot at F/3.2 @ 1/400 sec.Photo: Tip of the Day:
Utilize negative fill. In this shot, I made use of the negative fill naturally created from the dark car frame to create drama in the subjects face.

This was shot at F/4.5 @ 1/125 sec using Canon 5D MII at 21 mm.Photo: Tip of the Day:
Ask for a second opinion. When editing my own work I tend to be very subjective, often selecting images based on my experience creating them (such as... it was REALLY hard to get the shot) vs merit. However, it is always a good idea to get outside help or a second opinion from someone who you highly regard. This particular shot was almost edited out and now it is one of my favorites!

This was shot at F/4 @ 1/60 sec. using Canon 5D at 65mm.Photo: John DeerePhoto: Tip of the Day: 
Less is more! I am a huge advocate of putting forth your best work. When it comes to editing, it’s better to have a smaller portfolio containing only “WOW” images, even if it means getting rid of personal favorites that may not be up to par.

This image was shot at F/3.2 @ 1/250 sec. using Canon 5D with 28 mm.Photo: Tip of the Day: Develop your Image:

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy

Developing your image takes patience, very rarely is the first shot your best shot. Walk around, change your angle and really absorb your environment. Think about what your background says about your subject and the story you want to tell. The before image is what I walked up to, this is how I developed the after…

Having the subject put on the  face mask, (an essential element of relief from the ever present dust storms).

Getting down at a low angle to frame the image.

Showcasing the bat tattoo, blue cape and mask to develop the story of Burning Man.

Cropping in a way, which allowed the subject to dominate the frame.

Changing the background to add depth, while including the first aid flag to add interest.

Having the subject look away instead of being camera aware to spark curiosity in the viewer.

How do you develop your images?

Before shot at F/4 @1/800 sec. using Canon 5D @ 50mm.
After shot at F/4 @ 1/640 sec. using Canon 5D @70mm.Photo: How to Create Soft Light- Move it Close..Really Close!

Tip of the Day:
Here’s the deal. The softer a light source is, the more attractive it appears when lighting a subject’s face and skin. Soft does not mean flat. You can still achieve plenty of drama by changing the ratio between your fill light and your soft key light. Softness is a factor of various elements.
One of these elements is size … (now here is the important part) … with respect to the subject. This means you can have a small softbox and if it is literally on top of your subject, it will achieve a softer light than large octabank that is 10 feet away.

Why does this happen? The inverse square law is why. Because of how measurements in three dimensional space work, light sources become four times smaller and less bright when they are moved twice as far away (and 9 times smaller and less bright when they are moved 3 times further away, etc.) So if you have an 8 foot diameter octabank (Big, right?) that is 10 feet from your subject and a 2ft by 3ft softbox that is 2 feet away, the small softbox will appear much bigger to your subject and therefore will be much softer.

This was shot at F/3.2 @ 1/125 sec. using  Canon 5D MII at 130 mm.Photo: Blair Dillinger and Nadine Campeau
Couple Lifestyle Portraits

Photographer's Business Name:
Catherine Hall Studios

West Village, New York City
Date: Wednesday May 24, 2006Photo: Quick Photo Tip: Switch it up!

Clothing Makes a Difference : The two images of Robert Novogratz demonstrate the difference even a quick jacket change can make. In the image to the right (before) Robert’s neutral T-shirt blends into the monochromatic background of the image, making him less of a focal point. Adding the green jacket not only brings an element of texture and structure to the photograph but, also says something about his personality.

Before (right): This was shot at F/3.2 @ 1/125 sec. using Canon 5D MII @ 95mm.
After (left): This was shot at F/3.2 @ 1/125 sec. using Canon 5D MII @ 100mm.Photo: Gothic Bridal Shoot

Gothic cover story for Today's Bride on newsstands now! Featuring Professional Makeup Artistry by +Maria Chang and beautiful designs by Asiel Design.Photo: Three Girls, Two Skates, HavanaPhoto: Stolen Innocence 
Myanmar (Burma), Southeast Asia Photo: Woman of War, San FranciscoPhoto: Exploration of a Muse

His Medusa-black hair is stained with thick playa dust – his piercing black-lined eyes rest intently in the direction of my lens. Even amid fire dancers, bare bodied beauties and thousands of bohemian Burning Man pilgrims, Eric Hudock cuts a striking outline against the stark landscape. Armed with my Canon 5DMII, I find myself invigorated by this close friend and muse, the subject of many of my fine art photographs. His striking features, complexity, and willingness to be vulnerable inspire my perpetual craving to explore the depth of human character. Photo: Burning Man, Black Rock CityPhoto: Tip of the Day: Find the Light

In continuation with the +Tamara Lackey  inspiration series we expand to explore shoots within the home!

Via. Tamara Lackey Photography: Window light can be absolutely gorgeous, especially when it’s pouring in through a large picture window that just happens to be technically diffusing a soft light and delivering a softbox-quality effect. Much of what you do in a client’s home is figuring out what little “sets” you can create near the light you find; that is part of the fun of it, too.

Continue for full post: http://bit.ly/10JSmIo

This was shot at F/2.5 @ 1/125 sec. using Canon 5D MIII @ 85mm. Photo: TasmaniaPhoto: CubaPhoto: Girl in Pink Dress, Black Rock CityPhoto: Coal Mining Lifestyle, AppalachiaPhoto: Julia Morgan Ballroom | San Francisco, CAPhoto: Photo: TasmaniaPhoto: Novogratz Family | New YorkPhoto: Julia Morgan BallroomPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Heart of the Cornfield 

It was summer, and the soaring heat of West Virginia was adding to my agitation as I held my Canon 5DMII with my clammy hand. I had spent 4 hours photographing a family I found driving around in Appalachia – and I still hadn’t got a single magic shot. Right when I was going to give up, I saw through the family’s fence this girl playing in the cornfield. I took to my heels and ran next door. At first, her mom wasn’t interested, but after much persistent begging, she consented to “one” photograph. And that one photograph was magic.Photo: Photo: Burning ManPhoto: Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. - Mahatma Gandhi

#mondayinspiration  Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ron CartaPhoto: Retired Coal Miner's son stand in front of train ruins in the west coast of Tasmania which is often referred to as the "Wild West"Photo: Appalachian series | 13 Sévigné exhibitionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Novogratz Family
Lifestyle Portaits Oct 2010Photo: Black Rock City, NevadaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tasmania, AustraliaPhoto: Photo: The Boy Behind The Mask.Photo: TasmaniaPhoto: Tasmania, AustraliaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Peter | Berkeley, CaPhoto: Jenefer | San FranciscoPhoto: It was such an awesome experience photographing +The Novogratz  Wes Anderson themed holiday card this year!Photo: Catherine Hall Studios Holiday Card 2013Photo: Photo: Cheri | San FranciscoPhoto: Tibetan Buddhist monk eats is one meal of the day in a candle lit room generally used for prayer and meditation.

India, West Bengal, Darjeeling AreaPhoto: Visitors not allowedPhoto: Tasmania AustraliaPhoto: John Deere Way of LifePhoto: Balducci SistersPhoto: Photo: ElishevaPhoto: Linnae & Jon | Asiel DesignPhoto: Photo: Photo: Novogratz Family Lifestyle PortraitsPhoto: Photo: Burning Man | Black Rock Desert, NVPhoto: Today's Bride Cover Photo Shoot -
Produced and Designed by Asiel DesignPhoto: Apple Park Photo Shoot, Mill ValleyPhoto: Photo: Scott | Truckee, CaliforniaPhoto: Cahoon Family | Berkeley caPhoto: Photo: Soul of a Norwegian Fisherman

Erleng Nystoyl, age 69, spends his life on the sea. Part of a long heritage of fisherman he spends his time in dramatic, often challenging fjords of the west coast of Norway. Sveggesundet, NorwayPhoto: Hedvig Rossbach Wist, Age 86

Wrapped in her century old fox stole and surrounded by precious heirlooms, she looks on while canvas portraits of her ancestors line the walls. Nestled in the town of Kristiansund on the Norwegian coast, antiques fill her flat.