79 Photos - Oct 4, 2014
Photo: Blue Mosque!Photo: The Basilica Cistern is totally cool!Photo: Photo: The famous Medusa heads used to prop up some columns.Photo: Photo: Photo: The Hagia Sophia is also very impressive!Photo: In Islamic drag.Photo: The inside if the Blue Mosque is awe inspiring.Photo: The arches and all the glass make the building seem to float and you almost don't notice those huge support columns.Photo: Photo: German fountain out front in the HippodromePhoto: Photo: Base of the obelisk that they erected with great difficultyPhoto: This is a stolen antiquity from DelphiPhoto: And here is the actual obelisk. The practice of stealing other culture's antiquities is apparently almost as old as the antiquities themselves.Photo: Inside Hagia Sophia. Although it has been somewhat restored over the ages, it is still really, really old. Like 1500 years old. It's humbling to stand inside.Photo: The scaffolding doesn't even bother me. The effort required to maintain and restore such a structure is a testament to the effort and ingenuity that went into constructing it.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Blue Mosque as seen from the Hagia SophiaPhoto: A lot of the original Christian artwork was covered over when Turkey became Islamic. But a lot of it has been uncovered and the mosaics are impressive.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This restaurant is famous for being the start of the Hippy Trail in the 60s. You can still smell the hash and patchouli!Photo: Rooftop bar with lots of mosques in the background. At least for now, you can still have a beer while enjoying the mosques in the sunset.Photo: The golden hornPhoto: Impressive even with that air conditioning unit in the foregroundPhoto: Photo: Cemberlitas or the Burned Column, it used to be topped with a statue of Constantine. The column at least has been there since the 4th centuryPhoto: Nuruosmaniye MosquePhoto: Entry to the Grand Bazaar (or "how much you pay?" land as Rick Steves puts it)Photo: Photo: Photo: Minarets at the Mosque of Suleyman the MagnificentPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: This was built by a famous architect named SinanPhoto: Photo: Photo: A little more understated than the Blue Mosque, but really nearly as grand and lovelyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Rustem Pasa Mosque--another by SinanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Istiklal streetPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Very fresh fish.Photo: Photo: Greek Orthodox ChurchPhoto: Photo: Getting our fortunes told after drinking Turkish coffeePhoto: Galata TowerPhoto: Photo: Topkapi Palace. It started raining. There were a million tourists. Few pictures were taken.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The iznik tiles are gorgeous.Photo: Photo: And the domes.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: