49 Photos - Oct 4, 2014
Photo: Pamukkale is a weird combination of natural attraction, man-made water park, and ancient ruinsPhoto: Photo: RuinsPhoto: The Roman city of Hieropolis was located here and it's most famous for the necropolis because perhaps thousands of ornate sarcophogi were left behind. The more ornate are in the museum, which is located in the ruins of the ancient Roman bathPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I love really old graffitiPhoto: Photo: Photo: You can pay to go into the pool filled by the natural springs that contains fallen columns.Photo: Photo: The terraces are getting some help in forming more appealing pools.Photo: Photo: Tholos tombPhoto: Somebody getting the wedding photos taken. It was really hot that day.Photo: Photo: Photo: I think this was the agora. The ruins are starting to run together at this point.Photo: Photo: Taken with my zoom, because it was hot and we were really, really tired.Photo: Photo: This has something to do with Denizli because when we were at the bus station the next night the rooster was everywhere. Everyone wanted to get their picture taken with it too.Photo: Walking down the terracing. The pools were pretty shallow, but you could pause and swim a bit along the way.Photo: Photo: Photo: AphrodisiasPhoto: This place has just always been here. The ruins were lying around and one day they decided to dig a little bit to see what else was here and as you can see, there is a LOT. They are putting piece back together slowly and making sense out of the enormous jigsaw puzzle they've got. I would have been much more impressed if I hadn't gotten ruin burnout by this point.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is an agora (essentially the ancient mall)--there were two here and this is the first place I've seen that kind of outlinePhoto: Photo: Photo: Corinthian capitalPhoto: This is part of the ancient bath that they are in process of restoring.Photo: Photo: The stadium--probably the best preserved anywhere. It has really not been restored at all; perhaps just dug out and re-aligned a bit.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This was the entrance to the temple of Aphrodite--who was of course the most important God at AphrodisiasPhoto: Photo: Photo: