55 Photos - Oct 4, 2014
Photo: We flew to Chania on Ryan Air late, checked into our entirely insufficient pension, and then took off early Monday morning for a 4x4 tour of Crete. Woohoo!Photo: Photo: Photo: Those are some steep vineyards!Photo: Photo: Photo: First stop--winery! It's 10 a.m. I'm ready to drink!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: If you ever go to Crete, keep in mind they are fiercely independent and love their guns as much as any good Tea Bagger.Photo: Photo: Lunch time!Photo: Photo: Visit to a herder's abode.Photo: Photo: Photo: I like the finger.Photo: Photo: Photo: Chania by dayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Excavations at KnossosPhoto: Photo: Reconstructions at KnossosPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The famous throne roomPhoto: There just might have been some liberties taken with this reconstruction...Photo: Photo: The lower levels are well preserved and not so reconstructed as the top, but they are also unstable and no longer open to the public.Photo: Photo: Minoans liked their wine.Photo: Photo: Photo: Famous dolphin fresco replica. There actually wasn't much left of the original--seeing the original chunks makes you wonder if the reconstructions really got everything right.Photo: Photo: They really don't know what this area was used for, but a popular theory is that it was used as a theater area where you might have seen some of the bull jumping.Photo: Heraklion harborPhoto: Heraklion Venetian FortressPhoto: Photo: Ferries lined up looking like cruise shipsPhoto: Photo: Popular exercise spotPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: