41 Photos - Oct 4, 2014
Photo: I got this view on a scenic bypass when our GPS went a little wonky.Photo: Ancient tholos at MycenaePhoto: That's a burial chamberPhoto: I like the octopus designs on the ancient vesselsPhoto: Photo: The ancient lion gate.Photo: This has been in at least one text book you've owned during your lifetime.Photo: More burial chambers. This site is freaking old. "Archaeologist" (treasure hunter) Schlieman thought this was the realm of Agamemnon during the Trojan war, but the artifacts and structures actually pre-date the Trojan war.Photo: Monumental architecture. Everything is so big and heavy.Photo: From this defensive position, you can see other settlements, the Aegean Sea, and you have plenty of time to prepare for any attacks.Photo: They had a back door they could sneak out if needed.Photo: Photo: This is the "tomb of Agamemnon" but it wasn't really. The architecture is stunning, but the contents were raided long ago.Photo: Photo: This is the ancient theater at Epidauros. It is located on  really big site that was dedicated to Aesculapius, and therefore healing, but the theater here is the thing. It's the best preserved ancient Greek theater. They dug it out of the ground looking not too far off from what you see today.Photo: Steve was impressed.Photo: Photo: And there is a great view from the nosebleeds!Photo: Photo: Photo: The temple/hospital complex is rubble that doesn't really come to life. Maybe we needed a good guide.Photo: Another stadiumPhoto: There are 3 Venetian era castles in Nafplio. This one is the fortress of Palamadi. Just below it is an abandoned and very graffitied former resort. Very Greek if you ask me.Photo: This is the view of Nafplio from our hotel. It's ridiculous. Adorable town on a hill situated on the Argolic Gulf which is that same bright teal color the whole of the Aegean seems to be.Photo: This is the second castle. It was actually a hotel from 1930 - 1970 according to Wikipedia :)Photo: Palamadi by night.Photo: The town comes alive at night.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Morning walk around the hills.Photo: Photo: Water polo!Photo: Photo: Steve at Ancient NemeaPhoto: This is the restored entrance to the stadium. It's pretty awesome, actually.Photo: Photo: Beautiful Nemea.Photo: Photo: