47 Photos - Oct 4, 2014
Photo: Pension Bacchus in Ancient Pissa (above Olympia). After a long day we are chilling with some wine by the pool and hoping it doesn't rain. Bacchus is the Roman name for my fave Dionysus, and he was of course the god of wine (amongst other things).Photo: Olive groves. The Peloponnese is so lovely!Photo: Photo: Photo: All hail Bacchus!Photo: Next morning--Ancient Olympia!Photo: Mosaic floor that actually hasn't been moved to the museum (yet).Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ancient baths where they washed the oil and dust off themselves after engaging in oiled-up, naked athletic competition!Photo: Photo: This is the house where the famous Greek architect of the Temple of Zeus--Phidias--resided. It was later, obviously, turned into a Christian church.Photo: Photo: This is eroded limestone of the type most of the structures were built and why they didn't survive very well.Photo: A single column marks where the Temple of Zeus stood--one of the wonders of the ancient world.Photo: Photo: Most of the columns were toppled and lay on their side more or less in sequence, looking like knocked over dominoes.Photo: Photo: Photo: Entrance to the Olympic stadiumPhoto: The line actually represents the finishing line. There were no stone seats here--the peasants sat on an earthen viewing area.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Temple of Hera for the women's gamesPhoto: Photo: The amount of ancient writing visible everywhere is kind of stunning. It's why we know so much about ancient Greece.Photo: Not amused. For some reason. I don't recall.Photo: The remains of the ancient friezes are all in the museum.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is Hermes holding baby Dionysus. Interesting fact I learned on this vacation--most of the "Greek" sculptures we think of are actually Roman copies of the original ancient Greek ones. The Romans were huge fans of the Greeks and emulated and copied their architecture and sculpture. This is by Roman sculptor Praxiteles.Photo: Beach located at Mercouri EstatePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: I wonder if the old Citroen runs?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: GREAT winery dog! Poor baby was too hot, though.Photo: Photo: Photo: