23 Photos - Oct 4, 2014
Photo: Construction of the very fancy new Acropolis Museum of course uncovered more ruins. I think you will hit ruins anywhere you dig in Athens. So the walkways are mostly glass. Don't wear a skirt!Photo: Outside of the theater at the Acropolis where they host music performances pretty frequently. The acoustics are supposed to be amazing. I'm sure it's cool for the first little bit, but after a couple hours, you must get a really sore butt and back sitting in the ancient stone seats. There's a reason these theaters have survived so long, and it's not because they were comfortable!Photo: Theater of Dionysus from above. My favorite Greek God, BTW.Photo: Shana! She flew out to spend just 2 days with us in Athens.Photo: Photo: The Parthenon. Constantly under construction. They were showing a movie about the restoration efforts on the ride over and I think it's going to take another 80 years or something. And at that point the earlier restoration work will probably need a refresh.Photo: Although there are more "original" (depends on what era and rebuild you are talking about here...) pieces of this remaining than other ancient ruins we saw, still, it clearly would not be standing without the restoration efforts.Photo: The Porch of the CaryatidsPhoto: Athens is huge.Photo: ErechtheiumPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Construction cranes lit up by night. Oh, and you can see the Parthenon too.Photo: Ancient Agora. We got rained on here and spent a lot of time in this arcade.Photo: Photo: Not the best graffiti I've seen.Photo: Temple of Hephaestus. Possibly the best preserved ancient Greek temple in Athens. And apparently the model for about one-half of all government and bank buildings in the U.S.Photo: Steve trying to move a Corinthian capital with his mind.Photo: There might be a wee bit of air pollution.Photo: