158 Photos - Mar 21, 2009
Photo: The mystery is solved:  a volunteer watermelon patch, just in time for a southern Halloween! 10/28/11Photo: Mystery bed... 10/28/11Photo: There are many more family members growing upPhoto: Harvesting all mature lettuce for the Food Pantry, 1/7/10Photo: Our sign, in front of Okra and Eggplant plants, October 2010Photo: Adam Taylor and dad Alex: congratulations and thanks, Eagle Scout!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Winter, 2009: reviewing initial "greenprint" for the gardenPhoto: Photo: Planning the community garden designPhoto: Photo: Thanks to Quincy and the Scouts for helping us beautify....Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sam and Vance, working on irrigationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Another successful Eagle Scout project!Photo: Photo: Photo: Heidi of Treesearch Farms, with future avocado trees and her faithful dog CiscoPhoto: Stewart transporting our fruit treesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Gail's Arugula- prolific and tasty!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Pat removing the "Malabar Medusa"Photo: Photo: The Sweet Potato Project begins...Photo: Photo: Photo: Test Batch- Sept. 09Photo: Harvest Day - 11/29/09Photo: The experiment worked!Photo: Harvest Day- November 29, 2009- Congratulations, Vance and Sid!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Celebrating the new habitat bed- thanks to Gail, David and Pat for their hard workPhoto: Habitat snow - Vance- 12/4/09Photo: Garden snow- by VancePhoto: 1/7/10-Vance's garlic, onions and baby Swiss chard (covered)Photo: Just before harvest, 1/7/10Photo: Photo: “Lettuce spray”...that the garden survives the hard freeze!Photo: New Pilgrims (left) are the "control group"- survival of the fittest!Photo: Taking our harvest to the H.I.M. Food Pantry!Photo: Photo: Photo: Carrots, lettuce and broccoli 3/12/10Photo: Work day 3/13/10Photo: Work day 3/13/10Photo: Photo: Photo: 3 new beds!Photo: Photo: Daffodils from Bulb  Mart, 3/13/10Photo: New wildflower bed 3/20/10Photo: Daffodils from Bulb Mart- 3/20/10Photo: Vance's Swiss Chard Harvest 3/27/10Photo: RanunculusPhoto: Kelly, Patti and the new pole bean plot 4/17/10Photo: Vance mulching; note new hog brain peas to his right 4/17/10Photo: Monarch caterpillar 4/17/10Photo: "Feed the People" fundraiser (for Garden and Food Pantry)Photo: "Feed the People" lunch, 4/25/10Photo: "Feed the People" lunchPhoto: Garden team, one year later...Photo: Baby cantaloupe 5/24/10Photo: Bountiful tomatoes for food pantry, 6/3/10 (about 15 lb.)Photo: 25 lbs of tomatoes and peppers! 6/18/10Photo: Prolific Hog Brain Peas 6/18/10Photo: Hog brain pea pod 6/8/10Photo: Photo: Vance and Charlsie shopping at HEB for the HIM Food PantryPhoto: Charlsie at HEB, ready to deliver to the Food PantryPhoto: Mini Pumpkin 9/11/10Photo: Photo: Prolific Pyramid of Purple BasilPhoto: Last call for okra, 10/26/10Photo: ....and EggplantPhoto: Beautiful eggplants 10/25/10Photo: Thanks to Charlotte and Jerry for the Dewberries!Photo: Carrots are comin'....lettuce to follow (11/1/10)Photo: Pat with the last of our okra (hopefully) 11/6/10Photo: Monarch Butterfly 11/17/10Photo: Monarch butterflyPhoto: Carrot harvest, 12/4/10Photo: Lovely Lettuce 12/20/10Photo: Photo: St. Mark's Community Garden visits the 5th Ward...www.lastorganicoutpost.comPhoto: Sue in the Designer Bed 3/20/11Photo: Garden group with sheltered green zebra tomatoesPhoto: beautiful beetsPhoto: Beets- by Sue, 4/2/11Photo: Lunch on the Lawn 2011- sold almost 100 tickets!Photo: UMW prepares salads for "Lunch on the Lawn", 2011Photo: Raspberry shortbread and brownie cupsPhoto: Photo: Children's Development Center Class of 2011Photo: Photo: birthday girl with rustic apple gallette, and our throw-down mouse, 11/13/11Photo: Vance and CDC kids enjoying their radish harvest 12/1/11Photo: Sue and Ralph "prepping" pomegranate tree for planting 2/5/12Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sports and strawberry-tasting by the Youth,  March 2012Photo: Photo: Photo: blue butterfly in gardenPhoto: Corn Queen Patti 7/26/12Photo: Pick a peppa 6/2/13Photo: Bush beans looking good 6/2/13Photo: Pat with huge yellow squash 6/2/13Photo: Dewberries: best is yet to come 6/2/13Photo: Promising pomegranate 6/2/13Photo: Midcycyle community garden harvest 6/2/13Photo: Garden meeting 6/2/13 - planning our next moves, and our July party!Photo: Garden work day - mid weeding 9/28/13Photo: Garden workday 9/28/13Photo: Garden workday 9/28/13Photo: Garden workday - mulching our cream pea cover crop for fall planting 9/28/13Photo: Garden workday - 2 new beds going in 9/28/13Photo: Garden workday - training the wisteria 9/28/13Photo: Garden workday 9/28/13Photo: Garden workday - Audrey was a big help! 9/28/13Photo: Garden workday 9/28/13