21 Photos - Oct 12, 2011
Photo: MICRO-BiologyPhoto: Sitting on a rope sponge, this goby is only half an inch longPhoto: A peppermint goby (Coryphopterus lipernes) checking out the view from atop the brain coral Colpophyllia natansPhoto: Bridled gobies (Coryphopterus glaucofraenum) deciding who gets to hide in the sand firstPhoto: A nudibranch called the Slimy doris (Dendrodoris krebsii) slurping around in the shallowsPhoto: Who are you???Photo: A nearly-invisible shrimp sitting on a gorgonianPhoto: WhateverPhoto: One single gorgonian polyp spawning, with a few mystery arthropodsPhoto: Amber penshell  (Pinna carnea) tucked between the columns of a star coralPhoto: Brain coral super-close-upPhoto: Red-ridged clinging crab (Mithrax forceps) under a giant anemone for protection, or perhaps fashion.Photo: Lettuce sea slug (Elysia crispata) browsing around corals (Agaricia) and algae (Dictyota and friends)Photo: Crustose coralline algae making a home on the shoulders of a tiny mollusk... could be a baby conch?Photo: Scarlett-striped cleaning shrimp (Lysmata grabhami) tiptoeing across lettuce coral (Agaricia sp.) and crustose coralline algaePhoto: Spotted cleaner shrimp (Periclimenes yucatanicus) on a giant anemone (Condylactis gigantea)Photo: A crab disguised as bit of coral rubble encrusted with coralline algae (possibly Calappa gallus, the rough box crab?)Photo: I'm serious, this is actually a crab!Photo: Baby trunkfish are impossible to photograph well because they are blurry in real lifePhoto: Sporting some grand sponge-hair, the spongy decorator crab (Marcocoeloma trispinosum)Photo: Triplefin blenny resting its own heavy head on the brain coral Colpophyllia natans