38 Photos - Jun 28, 2013
Photo: This is not the same angle, but it is the same stumps as the 8/28/2010 photo on milliontrees.
The woodland has encroached a little more sine then.Photo: Heavily eaten oak tree.Photo: Looks like a field of tufted Poppy.
Weeding in the spring here would allow the poppy to dominate.Photo: Stump rotting away.Photo: Here is what Milliontrees does not show you. Eucalyptus were eradicated all the way to the road.
They call this a clear cut forest. Ther eis a similar one on the North side of Claremont, under the large grove in the center of the picture.Photo: Top of the ridgePhoto: These oaks just need some protection from deer, and some manual weed control.Photo: These are oak saplings, hevily munched by deer it looks like. This is an area wher some mulching and caging could allow these oaks to grow tall enough to not be on the menu.Photo: Coyote Brush, Cow Parsnip, and Sticky Monkey Flower.Photo: Lots of Sticky Monkey Flower.Photo: Not sure, but I think it might be a western leatherwood. I'll have to go back and look more closely.Photo: Photo: Eucalyptus stump.Photo: Eucalyptus stump. Gooseberry bottom center.Photo: Eucalyptus stump.Photo: Eucalyptus stumpsPhoto: The natives are here. They just need encouragement. (gardening)

See the Disporum (Fairy bells) buried in the grass and poison oak?Photo: A young stand of redwoods.Photo: Don't touch that noxious native.Photo: RedwoodPhoto: A young redwood where once was eucalyptus.Photo: Eucalyptus and coyote brushPhoto: Mor eucalyptus stumpsPhoto: Another stump. And a redwood in the distance.Photo: More stumps of trees that once towered over the redwood.Photo: View from the lower ridge.Photo: GooseberryPhoto: Those are not oak trees.Photo: Another naturalized stump.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: