23 Photos - Jul 14, 2012
Photo: Rapunzel tower invitations for the partyPhoto: Rapunzel doll cakePhoto: Princess Amelia and her Rapunzel cakePhoto: Hair braids for the girls to decorate with flower barrettesPhoto: Mmmm... rainbow fruit skewersPhoto: "Paint" cake balls and "Brush" krispie treatsPhoto: Rainbow cake balls with Rapunzel cakePhoto: Paintbrush rice krispie treatsPhoto: Canvases for the painting project - the letters are done with painters tape so the kiddos can paint all over the canvas.  Then, when hung, it actually is a barrette and hairband holder - with ribbons that hang from the bottom and hooks for the hairbands.Photo: Photo: A timeline of AmeliaPhoto: Amelia timeline continuedPhoto: Decor for the party before the chaosPhoto: Tutu favor bags for the guestsPhoto: Tutu favor bags - each had a princess puzzle, "Tangled" paints, bracelet, bubbles, notepad, sweets and some random Rapunzel stuffPhoto: Happy Birthday bannerPhoto: The whole birthday bannerPhoto: Braid decor for the "Tangled" partyPhoto: A better shot of the braid decor for the partyPhoto: Front door decor for the Rapunzel partyPhoto: Rapunzel doll cakePhoto: Inside of cake - graduated layers of purplenessPhoto: