33 Photos - Jun 12, 2013
Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are 100% my own. #cbias #SocialFabricPhoto: It's super simple to sign up for the Fuel Rewards Network! Just click "sign up" in the upper right corner at http://bit.ly/14f4aXf to get started!Photo: Fill out your information and in no time, you'll be raking in the gas rewards!Photo: For a limited time, you'll even get a $0.05 bonus when you link your first @MasterCard! You can link a credit OR debit card, but make sure you select "credit" when paying with a MasterCard debit card to get your fuel rewards!Photo: Our kitchen pantry was starting to look a little bare, so we headed to Bi-Lo to pick up groceries for the week!Photo: The first thing we saw when we arrived at Bi-Lo ~ a huge sign telling us about the Fuel Rewards Network! We're all signed up and ready to save!Photo: We stopped in the bakery section for fresh French bread and free cookies for the girls!Photo: We didn't have anyone graduating this year... but look at the sweet deals Bi-Lo and the Fuel Rewards Network offers for cakes!

$0.30 off per gallon for purchasing a tray of cupcakes... that's awesome!Photo: We're thinking of buying a little cake like this for the 1st birthday memorial for our sweet baby Clara in a couple of weeks! So pretty!Photo: My oldest is partial to this little cake and wants a much bigger version for her own birthday next month.Photo: The produce section at Bi-Lo always looks so clean and fresh. We picked out some fresh romaine lettuce and spinach for salads.Photo: I can't wait until payday, when I can come back and fill up the shopping cart with loads of fresh fruit!Photo: We decide to buy a bottle of wine to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law's visit to town.

SO much to choose from... where to start?!Photo: Monkey Bay's Sauvignon Blanc has a Fuel Rewards bonus of $0.10 per gallon attached! Awesome deal!Photo: Ultimately, we decide on Sequin brand Rose Wine... which earns us an extra $0.05 in fuel rewards.Photo: We go through a lot of lunch meat during the summer months!Photo: We need chicken noodle soup and beef broth -- aren't these shelf displays so much easier than just stacking the soup cans like the stores used to do?Photo: Normally I make our taco seasoning mix from scratch, but I like to have a couple of packets on hand for those quick and easy dinner nights.Photo: Our most frequently purchased item during the summer... cereal!Photo: David has a reusable filter for his beloved #Keurig coffee maker, but every now and then we'll splurge and buy a box of K-cups!

The Maxwell House K-cups earn us an extra $0.05 per gallon in fuel rewards!Photo: There are prominent signs everywhere reminding shoppers of the fuel rewards and gas savings to be had!Photo: I'm recovering from a bout with bronchitis... which means we're definitely in need of Kleenex.Photo: Milk, orange juice, sour cream and cream cheese... no chocolate milk today, sorry kids!Photo: This is one of the rare occasions when we don't need anything from the freezer section, but I can see so many deals!Photo: I found an awesome deal on Neutrogena Swim Sunscreen -- $11.76 marked down to $2.94! Yes!Photo: We try to keep fresh flowers in our house at all times. I particularly like the pale pink and coral roses.Photo: Right outside the front door... a huge balloon that says "Never Pay Full Price for Gas Again!"Photo: A little over halfway through the grocery store... what else do we need?Photo: Heading back to the car with our groceries for the week!Photo: All loaded up and ready to head home and fix dinner!Photo: The savings add up so quickly when paying with a @MasterCard that's attached to the Fuel Rewards Network! #MCPhoto: Our total savings per gallon right now, after only 2 weeks of grocery shopping - $0.55 per gallon! Amazing!Photo: I'm so glad we're enrolled in the Fuel Rewards Network program with @MasterCard!

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Sign up for the Fuel Rewards Network to start saving money for your family: http://bit.ly/14f4aXf